22 April, 2010

reasons not to use goggle translator

So my students have to write a 400 word personnal statement as part of their application. Our classes are all tuaght in English and the personnal statemnt is too be in english as well. this kid just sent one....he typed each line in Hindi into Google translator and this is how it came out in english....

Before I’ll dinner yet while eat communicate from them. What ever they would say. I’ll keep alert all those time because He will be our progenitor. They will tell what ever we our for good tell. Perhaps They said this, Industries is not all of them. So we shouldn’t shock from telling this talk. There’s any body to be come popular. He is talent & own Hard Struggle Cause to become popular. He is every thing to a doubt Renan citation world. As if world think watch 3 hours the movie. There must be all of cushy work. But here’s Just Negative. Is not cushy any work one scene do till ten day’s lossed unit of every person hard work struggler should never think so, I likely to meet work In Industries So I haves becomed king But also required to be challenge hard work. Whatever to day’s stars He don’t make cushy stars but also before make a stars They has been cantoned director’s Producer’s of hard Review. They have been own motivate Resemble. They think always we shouldn’t laxity & in fewer ants should go ever wish to be, They Think always forever stars make to be go in propaganda. Some people say’s while shoot more do tough work actors & directors. No its wrong while shoot every workers hard work in unit. Then we able to cushy watch on the TV & canvas. Today’s every body have more money In the Industry. They wished more many make the movie & they can lucrative money but past are the days. & the days rapidly has becomed change. For make a movie should good story & for good story we should good & pacify mind as one writer & director can do because they go in propaganda dire provided the

he was rejected!

and here is a photo of me i took this weekend that i kinda like....

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