11 February, 2010

One thing I hate, One thing I love and One thing that causes guilt! !

I have said it before and I will say it again…I hate hate hate when the contestants on American Idol talk about their kids… I don’t care. I have never bought a CD based on the birthing/parenting abilities of the artist. I don’t care. Do you feel that children make your voice better…from what I have heard this season NO!
Everyone with kids and a job is working to make a better life for their kids, what makes you special? You decided to figure out a way to provide for them AFTER you gave birth, that hardly makes you special or vote worthy, the other word for that is Stupid!!
When picking a winner wouldn’t you rather have a single guy/girl that will become famous and have scandalous affairs that make the papers. If you want ogle someone saddled with a family…go to Wal-mart!!!
I hate you parental American Idol people!! The only that would be worse is if you had a blind contestant!!

My office wife (Aili) told me “I love lady gaga” too much. Of course I began a mission to prove her wrong…after much googling I found this guy…every time The Ga makes an appearance he bakes cookies to represent her outfits. I love this!!

Mad Men…in my schools library we just got Season 1 DVD of the popular AMC show, it was the first time I watched this show.
Its strange, I love it, totally love it, but at the same time am conflicted. Every single character is pretty darn despicable, so I don’t like liking it.
Do i need to like the way the people on a TV show behave? It's not like they are pop idol's, they are fictional. Do i need to want to be like them to enjoy the show?

Having never seen the show the only thing I knew about it was how everyone (all men) wants to be “John Hamm from Mad Men”…well he’s a cheater, like a multiple, unremorseful cheater and that’s no one we should idolize. I don’t understand the show, as in what’s the point; it just makes me hate our grandparents’ generation. it does make me understand why smoking and drinking at work is dumb, why we (Americans) need sexual harassment laws, and why I love my mobile phone and technology. So maybe that’s it…whatever, I am hooked and will without doubt be downloading season 2-3 today!!

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w!L. said...

I haven't seen any of the Madmen seasons yet, but Season 1 is on my Netflix. I hear nothing but good things so I'm dying to watch! Don't feel bad about not liking the characters, that's why it's TV and entertainment. ;)