12 February, 2010

Alexander McQueen.

Jan sent me an SMS last night at 12am on the dot with the news of McQueens death.

I am so sad. I loved him. He was everything i aspire to be, smart, determined, respected, fun and many other inspiring and important words... i am just so sad for the world...and i know that sounds extreme but...

there are some people that just get it...can mix art and politics, can make the serious fun, he was that...he was so right on!!
there are some people that you don't personally know but you know them and you know you'd be great friends!

I remember once seeing a tee shirt of his for $3oo. i went and looked at that shirt maybe 5-6 times within one week and kept laughing to myself...that is true skill that he would make my poor ass actually consider a $3oo tee-shirt. This past weekend i bought light brown shoes i would have never bought had you not told me they were in

so this world will go on, people will wake this morning, put on terrible outfits, drink coffee, go to work and carry on. The world has the resilient strength i wish you had had. Today I will wear my light brown shoes, think of you and hope you are at peace.

Thank you for everything...

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