23 February, 2010

setting up house

After 2.5 years of eating off cheapy metal plates and bowls that i hated...i got me some dishes. i think when i moved here i didnt realize the enormity of starting over...like i knew i would have to find friends and a job, the big stuff, but it was the buying of tape and dishes and sheets and towels which has sort of sucked. Mostly becuase my Moms house is full of all my Philadelphia tape, dishes, sheets and towles. Lord knows my mom would love to have her closets back, shes got stuff of her own to fill them with. Sending that stuff to me just isnt fiscally fesable and i can get everything here. trouble is quality. One of the misconceptions in moving to india is i figured i'd just get everything here it will be cheaper. what i didnt realize is that the stuff here is cheaper as in cheap quality. here you have to pay American prices to get American quality...and there are thing you need you cant skimp on, tape, dishes, sheets and towles. sleeping on cheap sheets suckes and useing a cheap towel leaves your skin feeling icky.

so these are my new dishes...and i love them...

and this is my blackberry. just had the photo thought i'd share...

12 February, 2010

Alexander McQueen.

Jan sent me an SMS last night at 12am on the dot with the news of McQueens death.

I am so sad. I loved him. He was everything i aspire to be, smart, determined, respected, fun and many other inspiring and important words... i am just so sad for the world...and i know that sounds extreme but...

there are some people that just get it...can mix art and politics, can make the serious fun, he was that...he was so right on!!
there are some people that you don't personally know but you know them and you know you'd be great friends!

I remember once seeing a tee shirt of his for $3oo. i went and looked at that shirt maybe 5-6 times within one week and kept laughing to myself...that is true skill that he would make my poor ass actually consider a $3oo tee-shirt. This past weekend i bought light brown shoes i would have never bought had you not told me they were in

so this world will go on, people will wake this morning, put on terrible outfits, drink coffee, go to work and carry on. The world has the resilient strength i wish you had had. Today I will wear my light brown shoes, think of you and hope you are at peace.

Thank you for everything...

11 February, 2010

One thing I hate, One thing I love and One thing that causes guilt! !

I have said it before and I will say it again…I hate hate hate when the contestants on American Idol talk about their kids… I don’t care. I have never bought a CD based on the birthing/parenting abilities of the artist. I don’t care. Do you feel that children make your voice better…from what I have heard this season NO!
Everyone with kids and a job is working to make a better life for their kids, what makes you special? You decided to figure out a way to provide for them AFTER you gave birth, that hardly makes you special or vote worthy, the other word for that is Stupid!!
When picking a winner wouldn’t you rather have a single guy/girl that will become famous and have scandalous affairs that make the papers. If you want ogle someone saddled with a family…go to Wal-mart!!!
I hate you parental American Idol people!! The only that would be worse is if you had a blind contestant!!

My office wife (Aili) told me “I love lady gaga” too much. Of course I began a mission to prove her wrong…after much googling I found this guy…every time The Ga makes an appearance he bakes cookies to represent her outfits. I love this!!

Mad Men…in my schools library we just got Season 1 DVD of the popular AMC show, it was the first time I watched this show.
Its strange, I love it, totally love it, but at the same time am conflicted. Every single character is pretty darn despicable, so I don’t like liking it.
Do i need to like the way the people on a TV show behave? It's not like they are pop idol's, they are fictional. Do i need to want to be like them to enjoy the show?

Having never seen the show the only thing I knew about it was how everyone (all men) wants to be “John Hamm from Mad Men”…well he’s a cheater, like a multiple, unremorseful cheater and that’s no one we should idolize. I don’t understand the show, as in what’s the point; it just makes me hate our grandparents’ generation. it does make me understand why smoking and drinking at work is dumb, why we (Americans) need sexual harassment laws, and why I love my mobile phone and technology. So maybe that’s it…whatever, I am hooked and will without doubt be downloading season 2-3 today!!

04 February, 2010

I still live...

in Bollywood!!

Since i have not been 'acting' there has been little-or-no bollywood talk so here is a current favorite song of mine (it actually months old but still) and a very old song but I's loves it and you will too!!

From 'love aaj kal'

now the oldie, from 'Blackmail'


02 February, 2010

Fashy On!

today's blog was suppose to be about republic day (indian 4th July), which was last tuesday, but because i was/am saturday, i didn't get my photos done....i lost the cord to download pictures directly to my PC so i have to go to the shop and get a CD burned, it takes time, but i am visualizing a laptop in my near future so all that will change!!

until then...the secondary topic will be....


i want this...

i want to be this guy....and before you start, i know its bad to want to be anyone else...but i want to be him and have the life i pretend he has...

i want to know who this is...he's a fashion designer but thats all i know...

i hope i live long enough to see someone wearing these...

ok so chew on that...put on something from the back of your closet today!!! (not you mom, put down the "snazz") but everyone else!!!