25 January, 2010

the weekend

This is an example of the emails I receive from co-workers…

“Thanking you to please seeing attached documentational information and do the needingful in the timing for same”

And then they will freak out if you don’t reply…anyone have a decoder ring I could borrow?


Contrary to popular belief, here in India, one does not need to haggle to purchase items. 95% of things have a prices printed on them known as the MRP (maximum retail price, maximum rupee paid, Mumbai rupee price etc).

There are staple items (i.e. milk, sugar, rice, petrol) and their price is fixed by the government. When there is a need to raise the price it has to be ‘approved’ and fierce debate takes place. Currently they are trying to raise the milk price. I don’t know what it is now, I buy cartons and I think they are Rs. 38. But apparently it’s going up. It’s strange because I think it will go up by 2-3 rupees (roughly 5 cents?). With India being such a poor country that actually really affects people.

Next item: my weekend…

Friday I went to a play. It was in Hindi and I was bored. Just before we went in I drank a huge coffee and it was charging through my veins and I felt like a drug addict. I left during intermission.

Saturday I went to Hypercity.

Every Saturday I go to Hypercity. It’s Mumbai’s Target/Sam’s club. I start off in the mall next to it HC, it’s called Inorbitz.

I start by going to Crosswords (Mumbai’s Barnes and noble). I like to look at the western music section and to finger the books but never buy, cause books I get from school or friends and music I get from another store in the mall…it’s my next stop…I think its called “M music”, I cant remember right now…all the guys there know me and will show me the latest western music they have in. they have no idea what my taste are so they just show me all the CD’s with white people on the cover!

I look around at other stores but rarely, rarely buy anything. Because my place is sooo dumpy I don’t really decorate it or try to class it up. Clothes here are different from me.

At Hypercity I get all my groceries and household products, deo’s, soaps, pots and pans. People say the prices are more expensive there but they are not (see above MPR statement) and if they are, the ease of being able to get everything under on roof is well worth it. When I go to market I like to try at least one new thing but I can’t promise that I always do. This week I got moth balls, people tell me they will keep the lizards out (yes, I have a lizard problem).

Saturtday night I and the boyfriend met my friend david for dinner, then david and I went out for drinks. It was david’s birthday. I had fun!

Sunday…I watched a Desperate Housewives marathon.

and that's 3 days in Mumbai!!

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w!L. said...

hahaha, "decoder ring". Too funny. >;)