10 March, 2009


As you may remember I had a Goa attitude, a’ Goatude’ if you will, I am here to say…I mean I am man enough to admit that well…I was right! Ha!!

So Goa was actually amazing, I had a really great time. The wedding was amazing. The beach was beautiful. I gots my sunburn on…so I was happy!!

I took a train down on Friday night after work. I met up with two girl students and one Indian teacher to take the train.

Girl 1-Alexis from California America is nice but also very distant…Girl 2-Sarah from Australia was funny…the Indian is totally annoying, he was trying really hard to impress the girls, they totally didn’t care, he told these story’s about his life that I am sure where out and out lies.

The train left at 10: pm and would arrive in Goa around 7am. The others were in a different part of the train, which I liked. There was a nice man in my birth, we spoke for awhile, the whole time his wife was doing ‘the head-bob’ when she would ‘bob up’, I got a glare like I was keeping her awake. Anyway the guy works across from my flat so we are supposed to go for dinner one day…I don’t know how I get myself into these messes. So I went to bed round 11 and woke up in Goa, easy peasy!!

From the station we took a private car to the beach where the wedding party was staying…about an hour. It was nice to see Goa waking up and to see so many catholic churches. Goa is a Catholic state and there are crosses and Jesus’ everywhere. I had always thought of Goa as a place instead of a state, but there are many beaches some really touristy and others not so much. We stayed in Arambol which some would say was touristy, others would say it wasn’t as touristy. I say it was way touristy…so many white hippies, yuck. I just never understand when white people come to India why they think they can stop showering, wear these ridiculous baggie pants, and take drugs. It makes the Indians think we are all freaks.

Once there we kinda had to walk far to the hotel area, but it was nice to be able to check out the beach. I got a room, very simple (I would only be there one night), and had a shower, ate breakfast then I went to have a swim. The water was great, most water in India is untouchable but this was terrific. I was out for half an hour and got totally burnt it was awesome.

Then shower lunch, nap, wedding! The wedding was at five under a paniquin on the beach. It was loverly. Aili, the bride, my co-worker, is from Italy and Anirudh, the groom, is from Punjab. The wedding was small maybe 50 people of all different Nationalities…Citizens of the World!!!

The wedding was probably two hours but you could walk away, chat, have a drink then come back. The ‘service’ is in ‘old Hindi’ which no-one understand so it was casual. Aili looked stunning, she wore a sari, which I normally don’t like on western people but after living here 8 years I guess she has switched nationalities and pulled it off beautifully. I looked really nice, I had on a summer blazer I got at Target for 10 bucks.

Afterward there was a reception…it was fun, great great food, I danced. We then all went to a bar on the beach, then this strange guy Jeet and I went swimming at 4am.

The next morning I got up early, round 9am, and went for a swim. I ran into Ritesh, a guy I work with, he said that where he stayed he could hear the ocean and it kept him awake cause he was afraid a Tsunami would come, he had never been to the beach before…it was kind of cute……

Then breakfast, bath, another swim. This time I took Ritesh and he was really afraid but didn’t want me to see that so he just sucked it up and had a blast!!! I was worried just going for such a short time I would be rushed but as you can see I had plenty of time to swim swim swim!

Then I met everyone for a late lunch, the food tasted nasty. Then we had to leave. I went back to my hotel got my bag. Walking with the gang to met our car I thought I better get my passport out cause that’s where my train ticket was…I couldn’t find my passport so I had to run back to my hotel and it was hot and I had just eaten…anyway laying right on my bed was my passport and camera…can you believe it…I am so not that person that forgets that kind of stuff…anyway in the car, I felt sick but I figured it was from running in the heat. On the train my stomach started to hurt. I got up around midnight to stretch my legs and ended up barfing!!

So the rest of the trip home was yucky and then the rest of the week was weird…but it hasn’t tarnished my Goan vaca. I can see why people go there (although I have to say when I went down south to Kerela the beaches were prettier and less populated) and I am sure I will someday return to Goa…it seems to be one of those places that are fun because you are with fun people.

this is Goa

from left to right Malcolm (ex-coworker), Alexis the American, Aili, Husband, Sarah the Australian, Ritesh co-worker, me!

Aili and the husband


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