24 February, 2009

Your Fat, Go-Go to Goa!!

So my friend w!l will be thrilled to know….I am going to Goa!

My co-worker Aili, from Italy, is getting married to an Indian guy and their wedding is 28th Feb in Goa. I have tried to avoid Goa because everybody loves it. Every retarded tourist just goes on and on about how great it is…it makes you sick. It is very popular to do drugs in Goa. So many young British/American people go there, get really messed up on drugs, get raped or robbed and then try to complain that the Indian people are evil. But that’s where she’s getting married so that’s where I am going.

I leave on 27th Friday and come back 29th Sunday, even if I hate it it’s just a day. I am taking the train down at night, it’s a sleeper car and I’ll get there Saturday morning round 7 am and hopefully napping on the beach by 8. This is actually my first vacation since I came to India. Both times I have been home to US the trip has been filled with Visa stress. My trip to Nepal was Visa stress and the two times I have gone out of Mumbai was for shoots, which turn out to be stressful so I am looking forward to de-stressing!!

American idol…so this season is playing here…and I hate that all the men are fat! In times of economic trouble it seems gross to be eating in excess when some families can’t. If we are a country ‘dedicated to fighting terrorist’ isn’t important to be physically fit for same…how you are going to flee a burning building or fight the Taliban as a big fat porker!

Back to AI, I don’t care about the contestants children, nobody told you to have them instead of following your dreams, don’t use them for votes now…that goes double for dead wives…do you really expect us to like your music more cause you have children and dead wife’s…puke!!!

So yeah I guess I do need a stress break…ha-ha

here’s something funny…so eating lunch is a big deal here…many don’t have breakfast so everybody goes for lunch…you don’t skip it…lunch time is around 2pm and for the hour before and after anytime you run into anyone they say “have you taken lunch?” or “have lunch?” or they will put there fingers to their mouths motioning eating (cause you eat with your hands) and shake their head which means did you eat. Sometimes it feels funny that everyone is so concerned about if I am eating…of course I lie all the time and say “in my country we don’t eat lunch!”

oh and yeah big props to Slumdog for giving Indians their first Oscars…people here are freaking out, you’d think some fat ass just won American Idol!

Oh this too…there is a great language website called livemocha it’s an EASY way to learn a foreign language. I’ve been on it for a week and learned sooo much Hindi... they have many languages and it’s cool!!!

this is goa...


Wil said...

That is awesome! Take tons of pictures so I can see, and enjoy yourself! :D
I'm surprised Indians are all excited now about Slumdog. A few weeks ago there reports of people protesting and shit cuz they took offense to how things were portrayed and also the name "slumdog". LOL

Another Kiran In NYC said...

And how was the trip?