17 February, 2009

Sleeping Single in a Dabule Bed

So after much talk about and not much doin about…I have finally bought a bed.
It is popular or acceptable here to sleep on just a futon type of mattress. This is what I have been using but now that I am getting paid I opted for a proper bed…I went to Hypercity, Mumbai’s Target, and they were having a half price sale so I laid down my rs. 5000 (US 100) and got a bed.

It was to be delivered on Saturday, then a ‘guy’ would come Sunday to put it together. I got the mattress from a different shop. It was also to be delivered on Saturday. So on Saturday the mattress arrived and it was huge, like really huge. I was kinda freaking out thinking they sent the wrong size and things like returns are just not done in India. I began trying to come up with ways I could cut the mattress down to size…which seemed like it was gonna be messy. The man shows up on Sunday to build my bed and he said ‘sir, place is not big’ which in English meant I might be in trouble…he toiled away while I came to terms with the idea that I wouldn’t be able to return either and may screwed out of a poop load of rupees. The bed was finished and my apartment shrank and then shank some more…basically now my apartment is nothing but a bed…so I have decided there is nothing to do but become a prostitute…turn lemons into lemon-aid I say!

The same day, Saturday, I also got delivered a refrigerator. Apartments don’t come with them (or stoves), you buy them separately. There are several different sizes of fridges available in India, depending on your budget. The one I got is 180 liters, I have no idea what that means except that it is between collage size and household size, it’s cute, but adds terrible to my shrinking apartment size.
Now a week later I have come to terms with my apartment and my big bed…I love it!!
Suddenly I have this whole new apartment…it fun and the best part is I don’t need anything else…except a wok and dishes and a extension cord and socks and brown shoes and…

Update: got a wok, I went and got some pans and tons of food to fill up my fridge…and then I ran out of gas…like my gas cylinder that has lasted me one year finally ran out, the very day I buy cookware and food…Murphy’s Law India style!!

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Wil said...

haha, congrats on the bed and 'frige! Reminds me of the first time I was in Paris. The room was so tiny, that it was virtually just "bed". You walked in and had to roll towards the window. haha.