03 February, 2009

photo funda part 2

these next pics are of my awesome Christmas decorations and from a Christmas party i went to...I found this shop near me that sold decorations but not a wide selection. On Christmas eve i went to midnight mass (which was from 8:30 to 10:45? when i asked why it wasn't at midnight they said "because of terrorist". I went with a co-worker and his friends it was nice. Mass was in four different languages (Hindi, English Marathi, and some south Indian language) but they didn't repeat each part they just did each section in a different tongue. The church was in the Christan part of town and there were tons of shop selling Christmas junk so next year I'm a gonna go

the next pics are from the after-mass party...there is no explanation possible...The guy in the white button down is my co-worker Harvey...he got fired two weeks ago and it sucked he was my best work friend!

and lastly from New Years...my co-worker Aili had a party...and here is some of the madness

so there you have it...Mumbai...i know it looks like all i do is go to parties but it was the holidays...since then i only watch TV...ok so thats a lie...anyway...rock on!!

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