02 February, 2009

photo funda part 1

so friday my office banned Facebook, myspace, and all types of chat services...so today i have nothing to do...haha...

so i'll update...themaid search is sort of dead in the water...my friend had one and said she could come to my place as well but she wanted to be there all the time and i have a tiny tiny place. her being there too much felt like too much, ya know. anyway when we were talking about the maid my indian said youre a gora (white) why should you be washing clothes...ouch!!

i bought a bed...which shouldnt be big news but i have just been putting it off for the past year...and anyway the deliver on the 7th then the next day a guy will come to put it together...

so work is kinda stinky right now...like for the past 4 months...taking this job may have been a mistake...but if there is one thing India has taught me, time and time again...India gives you just what you need...you may not know you need it, or what to do with it, but you'll figure it out, then it will be awesome! so i am just going to sit back and let India work her magic!!

below are some pics...first are my co-workers

these are mango's...i've eaten mango's before, but here in India they grow magic into them, they are a-ma-zing!! there are like 20 different kinds...these are the ones i like...i don't know their name it begins with a "T"

For some reason i wake up early in India...maybe it's my age..anyway this is the morning view from my balcony...they are not good quality...i live next to a mountain, between me and the mountain is a milk colony (dairy) you can sort make it out at the bottom...i love it there!!!

i have more but so this may be a two parter...

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Wil said...

Thanx for posting some pix mister. :) It's nice to see your surroundings.
Sorry to hear about facebook and myspace at work. Happens alot I hear. hehe.