28 November, 2008


hey everyone,

i am safe. Luckliy i live about ten miles from the attack site so all is well my end. Thank you for all the texts and phone calls. alright thats it for now. take care.

26 November, 2008

for Wi!, part 1

some photos...

this is the colony i live in

and this is my flat when i first moved in...check out my squat toilet...

more later....

24 November, 2008

You Better Work!!

Last Friday marks one month in da woods, Whistling Woods International that is. So far so good!

I take an auto-rickshaw to work; it’s about a 15-20 minute ride costing rs. 40, rs. 32 for the auto and 7 for entry fee into the mountain area where the school is located. It is the bumpiest ride you can ever imagine.

My work day starts at 10:30, I don’t like that it starts so late because that means it goes late (6:30) but it is this way to avoid the heat of the day which is sort of nice.

Twice daily tea/coffee is served...the coffee boys are all really funny and nice and they don’t have homes and sleep on the coffee shop/cafeteria floor at night.

Each floor of the schools office building has an office boy. His job is to do whatever we (employees) need done…I haven’t completely figured out just how much of my job I can get them to do so I can be on MySpace more but I am working on it. The guy next to me sends them to get him cigarettes and juice boxes. I do know they make copies…in fact I get in trouble for making my own copies…but I can’t wait 20 minutes for a one page copy to be made! Anyway the thing that is so utterly amazing about the office/coffee boys is that they have these kinda crappy low paying jobs (rs. 4000 per month, $80) and yet they are the happiest people in the world…it’s amazing…I think of all the bitching I’ve done at my crappy jobs over the years…

My co-worker have names like…Dnyaneshwar, Jyotrimaya, Ashmaki, Subhankar…they all seem to get upset that I can’t pronounce them while they murder the “ease” of my name...I get “Krack” a lot...I don’t know if I have to pay taxes...I get some of my pay in cash the rest a check...American holidays I don’t get off, like Thanksgiving, but I get Hindu ones off...People who are “under” me call me “sir”...there are monkeys in the trees...great veg lunches cost rs.25 (fiddy cent).

Anyway so work is...well work. Here in India, I had been living a really fun and interesting life and now...I work in a office...that’s been a little bit hard to come to terms with…I miss my fun!!

I have yet to get a full paycheck so I am also broke…which I think has made working all the harder...but in two weeks I will get paid and everything will be right again.

This movie I had a part in came out this weekend and it has already been declared a flop…it was directed by the owner of my school so things are tense today at work…my part of course was cut dramatically...which I see as cause for the films failure!

Here a video from it! Enjoy, the music is the best part...also below is a promo for the school…TTYL

school promo

14 November, 2008

the real jesus juice

In India we get CNN, but it's an "international" version. Sex-pot Anderson Cooper is there as well as a "International" version of The Daily Show, it is an hour long on Sunday afternoons...sort of a "best of" the past weeks shows...

The stories on CNN International definitely have a wider world view which is great. Currently running is a special about Jim Jones, his life and the horrific outcome...please, please check listings in America and see if its running there...it is unbelievable and amazing!!!

We also get Amazing Race Asia which also incredible but in a different way...nobody drinks Kool-aid, but i wish some teams would.

05 November, 2008

and the winner is...