17 June, 2008


hey kids....so not much going on here sorry to say...not much going on in bollywood it seems due to the rains there is not much in production, which means i don't work, which means i am getting broke, ooppps!

the serial i am going to work on starts shooting end of this month so that's something. i am also being considered for a movie role, fingers crossed, that won't start until septemberish.

oh here's something...i am coming to the states for a visit...i leave here
August 12Th and will be in America for about 2-3 weeks (mark your calenders). i need to renew my visa and i miss everyone so...i will be bring sexy back!

so that's my India this week. not extremely exciting but still fun!

here is a Nokia ad i am in...it was the one i auditioned to be a singing cowboy for...which p.s. that part got completely cutout of the final Ad...i shot for two days on this and am in it for .05 seconds if i didn't point me out you'd never know...fame is a bitch...i am at .11 seconds, in the foreground, to the left (beyonce!) and i have a baby doll on my lap (don't ask)...

i will leave you with this...it's the trailer for Kismet Konnection...the film i am in which opens 17Th July...it also opens in America, so you Philly and Jersey folks can see it in New York...enjoy!!!

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Wil said...

WOOHOO! I found you...barely. LOL If you didn't tell me at what time frame, I'd never would have. Wow, who knew India looked so futuristic?! ;) hehe.
OMG, you'll be back Stateside?! Where are you gonna be? Maybe we can see you :D Keep me posted...