25 June, 2008

ketchupin 2

forgive me father for it has been a week since my last blog...and what a week...

it began great...

Friday i had a date...and it was good and fun, everything a date should be...dinner, movie and a peck on the check at the end.

Saturday morning i got a call from Yash Raj studios to come for an audition. Yash Raj is the mecca studio here...when they call you jump! so i went for the audition...the film was shooting in Thailand so if got the part they would fly me out that night to Thailand...i would shot for two days with this really big star couple Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone (the bragelina of bollywood) and then be flown back and make very big money. i always think i did bad after an audition but this time i actually felt kinda good.

i also lined up a back up job should i not get the Thai gig. and there was to be a second date...so things were great...

later that day...

i didn't get the Thailand job, crap!
my back up job fell through, crap!
that night the second date was weird and awkward.
Bollywood takes you up and drops you hard!

Monday i went to shoot for a TV serial and that was cool and really good fun...i played a doctor and had to say..."dr sharma i have something to discuss with you"...going to the shoot on the train i passed out...like fainted...which was weird...see, the trains here get crowded...if you have not been here, you can not fully understand what crowded means...its not a western "oh there are no seats" crowded". here's a video and this is not an exaggeration!

anyway, it was full and really hot and i felt sickly weird...i was thinking "wow, I'll bet in this packed-in-heat could make someone faint"...and then i did...it was embarrassing...i mean who faints, right...anyway everyone was really nice and offered my their treasured seats and i ended up living and shit.

Tuesday i got a call to go shoot on this film....they were short one white guy so i rushed there, did the shot, it took 30 minutes, i got paid rs.2000 and i was done...it was perfect.

oh my photo appeared in a mag...here it is

i am famous bitch! the guy in the center is Om Puri...you may remember him from the great film East is East.

OK so that's it...i will leave with a video...i am not in and has nothing to do with nothing except that i love this song and it features the future Mr. Winkler also known as Upen Patal.

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Wil said...

way to take a down turn! LOL. Sorry about the part, the date and especially about that fainting spell! :-p I honestly how you do it. Being packed in with so many people and in that heat? I'd last all of 1 micro second. Seriously. Take care of yourself and drink water for Fates sake! ;)