04 June, 2008

just waiting...and dreaming

its 4th Wednesday...last night it rained for the first time in the 8 months since i have been here...it was strange. Everybody is on monsoon watch, people even bet on which day it will start. so last night it started to rain and i was really excited and yet it just seemed so regular like the rain didn't seem as special as i had expected...it went on for about 10 minutes then stopped. apparently it was just a pre-monsoon rain and not the actual monsoon...kinda of like a movie trailer...so the waiting game continues. it did manage to cool things down a bit and i had my first sweatless night in about four months...yeah it hot here, totally retarded.

some news stuff...

i shoot an ad-film about two months ago and they just started playing it on TV...my part was cut out completely...tear!

for my part in "kismet konnection" they have dubbed my voice...so it will be me as the actor but the voice coming out of my head will be some other guy...which i kinda hate but that's the way it's done here...this girl i know was at the dubbing and said my part looked really good and she was impressed by me.

i think i am shoot another ad-film this weekend i am waiting for the call...

SATC opens Friday and my plan is to go several times on Friday to see it.

oh so the gay role in the film from last week...so on Thursday i did the audition and got to see the script...they sold it to me as a "positive" gay character...when i showed up they tried to put me in high heels fur coat drag-queen make up. i took a political stand and was seen, i think, as a trouble maker. i got them to change my outfit and forget the make-up and everything turned out ok'ish. it just felt strange cause if they had said the character is a drag queen type i could have made the decision "do i want to be a part of this part portrayal or not" but by sort of leading me on...anyway...it's over!

next day i had an audition for an ad-film, the one that i think shoots this weekend...i had to play a dad comforting his scared daughter...i totally thought about how i would have spoken to my niece when we were hanging last year and it went well...thanks Caroline!

i have a really good friend, a fellow actor, named Steven. he lives in Delhi but is in Mumbai for the summer. we have been hanging out and its so much fun just to be able to communicate normally with someone (he's British, funny and gets the jokes).

alright that's it for now...i have to go for a make-up, costume, screen test later for the soap...i have never had to do this before...they are making my costume just for me and they want to try different period hairstyles on me..fun!! this is kinda a big deal part...I'll have a script and trailer...crazy!

anyway don't dream it, be it...

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Wil said...

oh wow...I wanna see you with hair! :)
Miss you mister!