13 May, 2008

today was a good day

considering the tragedy in china i guess it's not proper to title a blog as such but...it was a good day (for me).

i have had a really really bad head cold the past TWO WEEKS and i didn't realize the effect it was having on my general well being until yesterday when it decided to move on finding someone else's ass to kick. i thought i was just being lazy and didn't want to leave this house...but now the clouds have parted and i am back. it feels good!!!

about getting well: in India there are no prescription drugs. everything is OTC, yes everything; Valium, ketamine (this isn't in spell check but i guess you know what i mean, special K), Oxycontin...everything. when you need something you just go to the "pharmacy" and they give it to you. i told the clerk i had congestion and for 20 rupees he gave me these pills that made me loopy loopy loopy then i would sleep for 3 hours. but they worked so now i am better. ya me!!

i also worked today. i did a voice over. it was kinda fun. the strange part was...the guy i was dubbing: an American, is yelling at some Indian kids for being mean to his children...there was an empty space between 2 lines, so to fill it they had me say "you Indians are bad people, why don't you all just go back to India". i felt really uncomfortable in a room full of indians saying that...i know it's just a charcter in a film and fictional at that but...the director, somebody who's name i forgot, is actually somebody important here, so i said to him. "I really don't like saying that, it perpetuates a racist stereotype of Americans and takes the films story to a different place"...crickets chirp...he says "it's just Bollywood". end scene.

seems like the soap opera isn't dead yet but i really don't know anything else. the agent said (via SMS) that he had heard back and would call later, that was 2 days ago.

i am still gym hunting...i know i know...i am not working maybe joining a gym isn't the best thing...

anyway...love yourself..oh and i love the new madonna!


Oliver said...

i'm not liking the new madonna album. seriously! her album before, confessions on a dancefloor, was so much more enjoyable!

Wil said...

I too liked the first one more, but honestly, I was surprised with the new one, cuz I thought I was gonna hate it, but I don't. :)