20 May, 2008

get random

1. gym: gyms here are expensive, more expensive than in the west. they are seen as such a luxury item that they can be given a high price tag. there are "cheap" gyms but India is proof absolute of the old saying "you get what you pay for". most gyms here have "ladies only" hours that run from 11-4. wearing street shoes is not allowed in the gyms, you must have a special pair of "dedicated" shoes and they are not to ever touch the street outside. i think i have narrowed my search but...every time i think I've picked one i find a new one and one of my big issues with being here in India is...

2. sounding board: i have to make every decision completely alone. while all my life i have applauded my freedom, sometimes i just want a second opinion. "which is better, the green umbrella or the red?"

3. rain: the monsoons are just a few weeks away and the city is sort of gearing up. you know how around Christmas you could run into an old friend and say "let's get together soon for coffee" and they say "oh it will have to be after the holidays"...well, that's sort of how the rains are seen. people apparently hibernate, yet it also seems like people don't even think about them, they are just a fact. i am really excited to see what it's like.

4. deodorant: c'mon India...learn the joys of real deodorant...and by real i mean...not AXE. people here just use these "axe" type of body sprays. most times this means spraying it in the pit area but OVER your shirt. they even do it that in the commercials. umm, i ride the public crowded trains, take it from me ,that does not work.

5.Gas: one of the most popular jeans brands here is called gas, people who wear them think they are hot shit...i think having fart written on your ass would at least be funny.

6. love story 2050 is a film about to be released. it is India's first ever sci-fi film...it looks really gooodish, i am in the background in one scene, the shoot was boring but the whole film is shot on green screen so it was interesting to see that process.

7. SITC will be released here on 6th June....i am thrilled!!!! unfortunately it will be edited for India sensibilities. yuck!

8. there is an Indian in WWF, who knew right...well India did and he is a superstar here...his name is Khaili, i think, and he is the most physically unattractive person in the world. he has just come back to India and you would think he fucking Jesus Christ reborn. on the news they do story's like khaili goes to the supermarket, khaili parks his car,,,he is sooo ugly but the best part is he's retarded, yes that's right retarded. now i don't think he was born retarded i think it's that weird retardation that come from steroid use...where is makes your vocal cords all drag queen sounding. mix that with type retardation that comes from getting bet up all the time...and you have retardation...now you have Khaili...but don't EVER EVER question he's retardation in India "is he retarded?" is met with fury and scorn...i say it all the time...hehe. here is a picture that actually makes him look somewhat decent...it's all about lighting...

alright i have to go watch D.A. win american idol...talk o you later!!!


Ashi said...

Were you present on the sets of Love Story 2050...???
Well,I'm really looking forward to that movie coz as u said its bollywood's first sci-fi movie..
& Also,I'm a huge fan of Priyanka Choopra...

Wil said...

LOL, AXE? Ugh...yeah, not a fan of "smelling". That would be one major obstacle for me visiting there :-p We can send you a care package with deodarnts if you like. hehe. ;)

Well, it looks like D.C. trumped D.A. glad all that nonesense is over now, Fates, that show has gotten soooo cheesey!

Oliver said...

i was thinking the same thing: a care package. whatever your hearts desire, within reason, let me know and i'll send it down your way. seriously! :)

missing you!