06 May, 2008


remember when i used to blog...well that was when i stuff to say but as of late...I've been spending way too much time doing a whole lot of nothing...i am not really working so much...in the past 3 weeks I've worked three days...so not too much is going on...but sadly i can tell you everything under the sun about Indian TV...speaking of Indian TV...i auditioned for a TV show which is a "historical soap opera" about the whole British VS. Indians thing. they called today to say i got a part (a doctor). that is sort of all i know, i think it's a six month commitment (awesome!) and i know that it shoots outside of Mumbai so when i am required i would have to stay the night out of Mumbai. we are going through the process now of figuring out payment...which is the icky part...they call and say "you have a part, how much do we have to pay you"...thing is they don't tell you any details of what i would actually be doing...so it's a weird process and even though they want me the whole thing could die in negations...but anyway...it will be as god wills it!!!

other than that i have just been cocooning...which has been nice but i know i need to start getting out...so i will...just as soon as American Idol, Amazing Race and Survivor are over...

oh and because i know you were all loosing sleep over it...I got the Madonna!!!

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Wil said...

Wow, Amazing Race (last season's?), American Idol and Survivor are on there now too? I didn't think they'd show that stuff simultaneously. :)
Whatcha think of Madonna's album? Good luck with the soap if you do indeed get it!