19 April, 2008


here is what my market bill looks like this week:

tub of oatmeal rs.97.02
indian dessert mix rs.27.72
100g butter rs.17.82
indian potato chips rs.23.76
curry paste rs.15
cashews 500g rs.290
fancy bakery bread rs.28
button mushrooms .19kg rs.23.28
fancy pasta-gnocchi rs.135
garlic .09kg (2cloves) rs.5.55
rice 1kg rs.18.50
tiger biscuit cookies rs.10
pasta-elbow rs.75
coat hangers rs.86
cutting board rs.149
3 eggs rs.6

us $1 = rs.39

across from my house is a shopping mall, the ground floor is a poorly laid out supermarket, called Food Bazzar. the employees are really rude and have very limited knowledge. the bag boys throw your stuff in the bag, it almost seems like they are trying to break shit. supermarkets are sort of new to india and they need to practice how to run them a little better. i also do a great deal of shopping at Hypercity which is like a target. it is much better run but futher away. they sell everything. half the stuff above came from hypercity and half food bazzar.

aside from shopping...i did a voiceover this week and it was actully fun. i was also in the film. it is the one where i am killed by a puppet. i didnt get to see that scene but the movie looks kinda good and kinda bad all at once. booked in the studio after me was shahid kapur. i wanted to wait but they said he would be an hour late.

i will do a tally at the end of the month but so far this is my highest grossing month in bollywood. scary!

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