25 April, 2008

for your pleasure

some random things for your pleasure:

an agent called me last night and asked how old i am. when i said "38" he said "oh, very bad" and then disconnected.

people love to ask what i miss the most bout home...of course family and friends is first...then comes MUSIC...i hear it makes "the bourgeoisie and the rebels"...i really miss music...i miss my CD's...i miss getting the latest CD's...i miss the funky jams!!!
western music here consists of Queen, George Micheal, akon, Enrique, Shakira...i miss bjork, radiohead etc. etc.

i have a couple lizards that live in or around my apartment. in the beginning was really freaked out by them. now i like seeing them. they all have names-there is a left-eye lopez. lizards are good cause eat bugs. i seem to have a gnat problem at the moment, i am just hoping left-eye gets busy on some gnat d' hovers.

i also have living my window sill a pigeon, his name is broken wing, cause-on-a-count he has a broken wing. he seems to be a ladies man, as everyday is joined on the sill, they spend the whole day grooming each other followed by dirty things.

i bought a TV. when the sales man asked if i had any questions the only thing my lazy ass could think of was "does it have a remote?".

i saw the following movies recently..
"wedding daze" (amazingly funny),
"Dan in real life" (great great great),
"Horton hears a who?" (god i hate Jim carry. this was one of my favorite sorties as a young and they screwed it up, i did however like the political overtones to the film, that was smart!)
"the spiderwick chronicles"...which was kinda good but not really, it was entertaining and the girl was a fencer, so that's points. the movie posters for the film all say "coming this Christmas", it opened here last week.

here is my favorite headline from this mornings paper..."Christina Rucci sexually assaulted by a chimpanzee"

i have diarrhea. i haven't worked all week, hence all the movie watching.

i met a guy that owns a gym near my house. i am supposed to go see it next week. the dues are rs.150 per month which is $3.00 US.

in the morning paper there was a story 'bout a lady whose husband is sent to prison. she becomes a lawyer to help defend him. she got him out of jail. one month later he, upon seeing that as a lawyer her status was now higher then his, kills her.

when "M. night shyamalan" is talked about here..they make a point to use his full name "Manoj Night Shyamalan".

here is a map of mumbai...i live near the bottom of the big green park area...goregaon east...from my place to the bottom of the city takes about 40 mins by train....but i never go there except to make cheap phone calls to the US.

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