20 April, 2008

a death, a monkey, a penis and a prince!

Hanuman Jayanti!!

today is the birthday of the monkey god Hanuman.

and now on to this...last night i went to a party and the 'gay Oprah prince' was there we totally hung out and he said i should come out to the palace sometime...too funny me at the palace....

in the paper the is a column for sex advice called 'ask the sexpert' (so original) and basically people (boys) write in with really stupid questions (i kissed my girlfriend, do you think she could be pregnant) and the 'sexpert' doles out really bad advice (see a doctor). one time a girl wrote in and said..."i have a big vagina, not deep, but big, like it sticks out, like a small penis, it looks like a penis, in fact, i think i have a penis, what should i do". it's been three weeks i can't stop laughing....

my camera died...i dropped it and it smashed to bits...i am totally gutted.

enjoy your day...Hanuman is the remover of obstacles, so if you have any in your life pray to him today and they will be removed!!!

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