27 March, 2008

that's two down-feeling good

last week i went out of town for a shooting. the place is called Panvel and is about an hour and a half outside of Mumbai. it was a disaster. just to cut to the chase one of my agents (blacktoothes boyfriend) screwed me over and didn't pay what he promised. his attitude was "what are you going to do about it". the worst part is he's right...there is nothing i can do about...if i stop working for him...i loose money and he brought me jobs. i am still really mad and still plotting revenge. Everybody had warned me he was like that but i had really never had problems with him. the only good thing from the shoot is i met this girl there, an extra, and after everybody went home one night...she slept with the films star. his name is Zayed Khan. she told me all the details. it was fun!

this week, my other agent screwed me over. i went for an audition, a speaking part on a soap..turned out it was in Hindi, which i don't speak. anyway they wanted Hindi spoken with a foreign accent. i got the part but it was really really uncomfortable and i said i didn't want to do it...my agent flipped out and said i had to do it or else I'll never work in this town again....

so that's two down...i think like everything else i do...i may have stayed in Bollywood too long...i always stay in jobs relationships apartments way to long...i am sometimes the king of beating a dead horse...how many times have i written here that i thought it was time to look for other work? looking for jobs stinks!!!
now i have to really look for a job...no really, i am gonna start...
of course i blame my mother, if she had only married a rich man...

i saw the film 10,000 BC. it wasn't good. i got some really amazing jeans (before i realized i was out of work). i do have one other job lined up for Saturday but it's a one off job. i returned my hair clippers and got new ones, i know everyone was worried. i got 'kelis' greatest hits CD, it's awesome. i have a little cold. we are in the build up to the Monsoons so Mumbai is hot already in the 90's and it will just get hotter and hotter until it breaks in June...so everyone has AC on and you get sick going from outside sweating to inside freezing.

so that's mumbai...i feel like i may be in a bit of a rough patch with work but i still incrediably happy...so no fretting. india gives and gives so i just have to wait and see what she's got in store next...everything always works out!!!

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Wil said...

Sucks about your agents. >:( You should give him meat to eat and tell him it's tofu. (that is, if he's a vegitarian) That'll show him! ;) LOL
Hey, if the acting thing's run it's course, you could always become India's version of Perez Hilton...you could write about all the celebs and who's sleeping with who. hehe
(PS--that guy the girl said she slept with is hot! I Googled him. LOL)