24 March, 2008

Ruth E. Oliver

hate to start the week on a sad note but...

my grandmom died.

about 10 or 12 years ago she had a stroke and this began her gradual decline. for the past 3-4 years she has been fighting off old age. the past year she has been bed ridden. 21 days ago she stopped eating. then, last Tuesday died.

my grandmom loved 4 things most - Family, Elvis, Yard Sales, and Raid Bug Spray.

she bought me my first suit. blue polyester; in that suit i was unstoppable.

I remember going to her house most Easter breaks. on hand there was always plenty of Jello with cool whip, banana pudding made from Nilla Waffers, and heaps and heaps of love. her house had furniture much different from ours fantastical things like Crystal cigarette lighters. there was a graduation picture of my mom, in her cap and gown, i grew up always thinking that mom, had, at some time, been a nurse.

my wit and humour comes directly from her. she and my grandfather were funny funny people. my family has an amazing capacity to laugh; at life and more importantly, ourselves. my family are the funniest people i know. it all started with her. i see that wit and humour now passed through to my niece and nephew - "literally".

of course it is with sadness that my family has to say good-bye to our matriarch, yet also a sense of relief, her life had become unlivable at the end. as long as my family continues to laugh, and we will, she will, be right there laughing with us.

alright granny this ones for you....


Wil said...

:( I'm so sorry about your grandma Craig.

Oliver said...

i am very sorry to hear about your grandmother. my thoughts are with you and your family. but amazingly, you're grandmother has a fierce name!!!