11 March, 2008

marionettes hate me

hey ya'll...I've been a working the past couple of days...and it went a little something like this...

Thursday and Friday i was on set for a new soap...the set was a soccer field, luckily, i was "cast" as the commentator and not a player. they had to run and i don't run. as commentator, i sat in the box with an Indian and he did all the talking, i just had to react to what he said. i was "not to speak, just react". i was doing all this great stuff: finger pointing, laughing at his jokes, giving thumbs up. after the shot i watched play back, the camera wasn't even on me the whole time...my 15 minutes are running out. i got paid well for two days of shooting so whatever. i like doing TV, but there are no stars that i am interested in on TV that part is blah. There was an American kid there from Philly, he lives one block from my old place...talking to him made me sort of sad...seems like another life ago.

Saturday i was off...i accidentally ripped my pants, beyond repair, on a piece of metal from the side of an rickshaw. they were my favorite pants, now i am down to 3 pair...i need some clothes bad! India is kinda dirty and i hand wash everything, so all clothes have stains and spots on them. i was supposed to go out Saturday but then got a job for Sunday so i could not. i plan to go out every Saturday but then always get work on Sundays and can't. sometimes i just want to have fun.

Sunday and Monday i worked on a film called "druma" (i think). in it my character gets killed by a marionette, seriously a marionette. the villain has magic powers and makes these marionettes come to life, one stabs me. the worst part is that my costume was a bright yellow corduroy suit. the writer of the film was there and i said next time could you make the suit black and fashionable. he looked confused at my joke and said there would not be a part 2. the star of the film is Abhishek Bachchan. i really wanted to meet him but was not there on my two days. he's one of the last on my list of "to meets". he's "the most handsome man in Bollywood" married to the "prettiest woman in Bollywood" she's Aishwarya Rai. his dad is the Elvis of Bollywood, he's not a singer, he's an actor, but has achieved that level of stardom. anyway...all these names, ya'll don't care do you?

so that was my week...more happened but i need to go, so maybe more later

my song of the week!!

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