02 March, 2008

jump Micheal!

here's a perfect example of how India works (?)...tonight i went to see "Micheal Clayton"...i know why would i see such a dorky movie...i was bored O.K.

i get my ticket which says "Micheal Clayton" and go to my seat. the movie starts except that it is the movie "jumper", which is not even listed as playing there. there are about 30 people in the theatre, only two people got up and left. the rest of us just acted like it was the movie we wanted to see...

and P.S. jumper has no ending...the story just stops (did the black guy make it off the mountain...who dyes his hair in the cave...did the other jumper die in the power lines...why didn't vader just use his light saber to kill all the pylons)...it's weird.


Wil said...

Shhhhh! I want to see that movie. Haven't seen it yet.

Oliver said...

no, samuel l. jackson did not make it off the cave and i doubt the other jumper died, which leads to a sequel to the movie. also, vader found his mom, who is also a pylon, they hugged and she gave him time to bounce because she is still a hunter!