04 March, 2008

I have gas!

after three months in my flat i finally have gas...what? you say i could have just eaten some beans...not that kind of gas...i mean cooking gas. see my place didn't come with a cooker or gas. so i had to buy one and get a gas tank. it has taken me a loooong time but today i signed the contract and tomorrow between 10 and 4 my 14 kg. canister of gas will arrive. i can't wait to cook some pasta!

a gas fact: Cooking gas is Liquefied Petroleum Gas, LPG in short. LPG, as the name implies, is gas in liquid form under pressure. It is filled under pressure in cylinders, stored and then transported to your house. LPG in gaseous form is almost twice as heavy as air. When released it always settles down on the floor level. It is colourless and also odourless, so a special odour is added at the plant to give it a distinctive smell for easy detection in case of leakage.

my gangster said he would help me...wait, did i tell you i have a gangster, yeah well he is a real life gangster (he told me he could have people "hurt" if i needed). he's been to jail and has an office, where, as far as i can tell, no actual "work" goes on. i don't like to accept his help cause even if he never asks me for money i know sooner or later...so anyway i felt really good that i didn't need his help and was able to sort it. actually this 15 year old kid i am friends with (a gangster and a 15 year old, oi vey!) he told me where to go for gas. he was attacked by a python last month. he is at 15, 6'5" and very serious about his studies.

i am still not working..this is day five i had such a kick ass past two weeks and now...kuch nahin (nothing)!

here's something...at the mall across from my house they have "an american style dollar store" it sells all these weird american products like fiddle faddle...and everything cost rs.99 which is actually like $2.50. but downtown is the indian version of a dollar store...which i love, everything cost rs.25 (fiddy cent). it has more of the crap you'd find in an american dollar store except they do have indian specific items like "lizard away" and instead of jesus statues they have krishna ones.

have a great day!

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Wil said...

I want a Ganesh statue. :) Do they come for rs 99? hehe