03 March, 2008

give me paanch

since i am on a roll with the movies...i saw sweeny todd...a warning...if you see it in india be prepared...they edit out all the blood...i know i'm mad...it makes me wonder what i've missed from other western films i've seen. beside the gore reduction it was perfect!!!

not much else is going on in india...i've had four days off, hence the film watching. all of the western friends i've made here have now all gone back to where they came my indian friends all have real jobs and xerxes is in america. i am a bit bored.

i have to get a job, like a real job. if i want to stay in india i will have to make some real money. i am totally uninterested in the job hunt. it's totally bumming me out. i guess i've been five months without and should just enjoy that i was able to survive this long...but it still stinks.

speaking of five (paanch) months...as of today, i have been here paanch months...seems like i have always been here.

1 comment:

Wil said...

Wow..5 months already?! Time sure flies. So, how many 'til you come back? ;)