31 March, 2008

torch china

Boycott the Olympics!

(back to the regular bollywood dribble tomorrow)

27 March, 2008

that's two down-feeling good

last week i went out of town for a shooting. the place is called Panvel and is about an hour and a half outside of Mumbai. it was a disaster. just to cut to the chase one of my agents (blacktoothes boyfriend) screwed me over and didn't pay what he promised. his attitude was "what are you going to do about it". the worst part is he's right...there is nothing i can do about...if i stop working for him...i loose money and he brought me jobs. i am still really mad and still plotting revenge. Everybody had warned me he was like that but i had really never had problems with him. the only good thing from the shoot is i met this girl there, an extra, and after everybody went home one night...she slept with the films star. his name is Zayed Khan. she told me all the details. it was fun!

this week, my other agent screwed me over. i went for an audition, a speaking part on a soap..turned out it was in Hindi, which i don't speak. anyway they wanted Hindi spoken with a foreign accent. i got the part but it was really really uncomfortable and i said i didn't want to do it...my agent flipped out and said i had to do it or else I'll never work in this town again....

so that's two down...i think like everything else i do...i may have stayed in Bollywood too long...i always stay in jobs relationships apartments way to long...i am sometimes the king of beating a dead horse...how many times have i written here that i thought it was time to look for other work? looking for jobs stinks!!!
now i have to really look for a job...no really, i am gonna start...
of course i blame my mother, if she had only married a rich man...

i saw the film 10,000 BC. it wasn't good. i got some really amazing jeans (before i realized i was out of work). i do have one other job lined up for Saturday but it's a one off job. i returned my hair clippers and got new ones, i know everyone was worried. i got 'kelis' greatest hits CD, it's awesome. i have a little cold. we are in the build up to the Monsoons so Mumbai is hot already in the 90's and it will just get hotter and hotter until it breaks in June...so everyone has AC on and you get sick going from outside sweating to inside freezing.

so that's mumbai...i feel like i may be in a bit of a rough patch with work but i still incrediably happy...so no fretting. india gives and gives so i just have to wait and see what she's got in store next...everything always works out!!!

24 March, 2008

Ruth E. Oliver

hate to start the week on a sad note but...

my grandmom died.

about 10 or 12 years ago she had a stroke and this began her gradual decline. for the past 3-4 years she has been fighting off old age. the past year she has been bed ridden. 21 days ago she stopped eating. then, last Tuesday died.

my grandmom loved 4 things most - Family, Elvis, Yard Sales, and Raid Bug Spray.

she bought me my first suit. blue polyester; in that suit i was unstoppable.

I remember going to her house most Easter breaks. on hand there was always plenty of Jello with cool whip, banana pudding made from Nilla Waffers, and heaps and heaps of love. her house had furniture much different from ours fantastical things like Crystal cigarette lighters. there was a graduation picture of my mom, in her cap and gown, i grew up always thinking that mom, had, at some time, been a nurse.

my wit and humour comes directly from her. she and my grandfather were funny funny people. my family has an amazing capacity to laugh; at life and more importantly, ourselves. my family are the funniest people i know. it all started with her. i see that wit and humour now passed through to my niece and nephew - "literally".

of course it is with sadness that my family has to say good-bye to our matriarch, yet also a sense of relief, her life had become unlivable at the end. as long as my family continues to laugh, and we will, she will, be right there laughing with us.

alright granny this ones for you....

16 March, 2008

blackberry tooth

Tuesday i bought hair clippers, they stopped working on Saturday.
Wednesday i was an extra on some film. there was only one other western. turns out she is the girlfriend of one of my agents. she's from Canada and has a black tooth. she is madly in love with him. she flys to India twice a year to be with him. he totally cheats on her. she works at McDonald's in Canada.
Wednesday night i did a night shoot. it was an outdoor rock concert. it was semi fun. black tooth was there.
Thursday i did a movie staring Govinda, he's an actor turned politician, turned actor. he's a bit of an ass but everybody loves him here. the shoot was fun. a big dance production. i don't think i will be able to be seen though. i got to meet one of my favorite Indian extras...I'll explain. there's a film called "om shanti om" in the liner notes of the CD they have photos from the set etc. this one kid is in every picture. i think of him as my extra guru. it's hard to get in every photo from a set. one time some friends were looking at my "om shanti" CD and they said "who is that freaky guy in every picture". i felt hurt. anyway he was on this film and i said i recognized him and you could tell that it really made his day.
Friday i did the same Govinda film. one of the production guys wears a wig, a really bad wig. i took a photo.
Saturday i got a call that the salman khan film i did a few weeks ago needed me back this coming week. it requires that i go out of town for the shooting, 4-5 days. i really loved working on this film and am excited. only trouble is...the 20th is Holi and i wanted to be here (my colony) to celebrate. [Holi is a festival where you wear white and people throw colored powder on you...it's so much more than that but i don't feel like explaining...lazy author here.]

ok here's more holi info:

On the first day, bonfires are lit at night to signify burning the demoness Holika, Hiranyakashipu's sister.

On the second day, known as Dhuleti, people spend the day throwing coloured powder and water at each other. The spring season, during which the weather changes, is believed to cause viral fever and cold. Thus, the playful throwing of the coloured powders has a medicinal significance: the colours are traditionally made of Neem, Kumkum, Haldi, Bilva, and other medicinal herbs prescribed by Āyurvedic doctors. A special drink called thandai is prepared, sometimes containing bhang (Cannabis). People invite each other to their houses for feasts and celebrations later in the evening.

speaking of holidays, i completely forgot about lent and Easter. i was talking with this American guy and he mentioned he gave up drinking for lent. i had forgotten all about it. i met an Indian christian that invited me to come to church with his family on Easter.

anyway so i will be away next week and not blogging. my plan is, since i will be "on vacation with salman all week", i am going to force him to become my new best friend. wish me luck!!!

this is a hilarious video from Govinda's past. he played superman here in India. i love spidergirl!!!

11 March, 2008

marionettes hate me

hey ya'll...I've been a working the past couple of days...and it went a little something like this...

Thursday and Friday i was on set for a new soap...the set was a soccer field, luckily, i was "cast" as the commentator and not a player. they had to run and i don't run. as commentator, i sat in the box with an Indian and he did all the talking, i just had to react to what he said. i was "not to speak, just react". i was doing all this great stuff: finger pointing, laughing at his jokes, giving thumbs up. after the shot i watched play back, the camera wasn't even on me the whole time...my 15 minutes are running out. i got paid well for two days of shooting so whatever. i like doing TV, but there are no stars that i am interested in on TV that part is blah. There was an American kid there from Philly, he lives one block from my old place...talking to him made me sort of sad...seems like another life ago.

Saturday i was off...i accidentally ripped my pants, beyond repair, on a piece of metal from the side of an rickshaw. they were my favorite pants, now i am down to 3 pair...i need some clothes bad! India is kinda dirty and i hand wash everything, so all clothes have stains and spots on them. i was supposed to go out Saturday but then got a job for Sunday so i could not. i plan to go out every Saturday but then always get work on Sundays and can't. sometimes i just want to have fun.

Sunday and Monday i worked on a film called "druma" (i think). in it my character gets killed by a marionette, seriously a marionette. the villain has magic powers and makes these marionettes come to life, one stabs me. the worst part is that my costume was a bright yellow corduroy suit. the writer of the film was there and i said next time could you make the suit black and fashionable. he looked confused at my joke and said there would not be a part 2. the star of the film is Abhishek Bachchan. i really wanted to meet him but was not there on my two days. he's one of the last on my list of "to meets". he's "the most handsome man in Bollywood" married to the "prettiest woman in Bollywood" she's Aishwarya Rai. his dad is the Elvis of Bollywood, he's not a singer, he's an actor, but has achieved that level of stardom. anyway...all these names, ya'll don't care do you?

so that was my week...more happened but i need to go, so maybe more later

my song of the week!!

04 March, 2008

I have gas!

after three months in my flat i finally have gas...what? you say i could have just eaten some beans...not that kind of gas...i mean cooking gas. see my place didn't come with a cooker or gas. so i had to buy one and get a gas tank. it has taken me a loooong time but today i signed the contract and tomorrow between 10 and 4 my 14 kg. canister of gas will arrive. i can't wait to cook some pasta!

a gas fact: Cooking gas is Liquefied Petroleum Gas, LPG in short. LPG, as the name implies, is gas in liquid form under pressure. It is filled under pressure in cylinders, stored and then transported to your house. LPG in gaseous form is almost twice as heavy as air. When released it always settles down on the floor level. It is colourless and also odourless, so a special odour is added at the plant to give it a distinctive smell for easy detection in case of leakage.

my gangster said he would help me...wait, did i tell you i have a gangster, yeah well he is a real life gangster (he told me he could have people "hurt" if i needed). he's been to jail and has an office, where, as far as i can tell, no actual "work" goes on. i don't like to accept his help cause even if he never asks me for money i know sooner or later...so anyway i felt really good that i didn't need his help and was able to sort it. actually this 15 year old kid i am friends with (a gangster and a 15 year old, oi vey!) he told me where to go for gas. he was attacked by a python last month. he is at 15, 6'5" and very serious about his studies.

i am still not working..this is day five i had such a kick ass past two weeks and now...kuch nahin (nothing)!

here's something...at the mall across from my house they have "an american style dollar store" it sells all these weird american products like fiddle faddle...and everything cost rs.99 which is actually like $2.50. but downtown is the indian version of a dollar store...which i love, everything cost rs.25 (fiddy cent). it has more of the crap you'd find in an american dollar store except they do have indian specific items like "lizard away" and instead of jesus statues they have krishna ones.

have a great day!

03 March, 2008

give me paanch

since i am on a roll with the movies...i saw sweeny todd...a warning...if you see it in india be prepared...they edit out all the blood...i know i'm mad...it makes me wonder what i've missed from other western films i've seen. beside the gore reduction it was perfect!!!

not much else is going on in india...i've had four days off, hence the film watching. all of the western friends i've made here have now all gone back to where they came my indian friends all have real jobs and xerxes is in america. i am a bit bored.

i have to get a job, like a real job. if i want to stay in india i will have to make some real money. i am totally uninterested in the job hunt. it's totally bumming me out. i guess i've been five months without and should just enjoy that i was able to survive this long...but it still stinks.

speaking of five (paanch) months...as of today, i have been here paanch months...seems like i have always been here.

02 March, 2008

jump Micheal!

here's a perfect example of how India works (?)...tonight i went to see "Micheal Clayton"...i know why would i see such a dorky movie...i was bored O.K.

i get my ticket which says "Micheal Clayton" and go to my seat. the movie starts except that it is the movie "jumper", which is not even listed as playing there. there are about 30 people in the theatre, only two people got up and left. the rest of us just acted like it was the movie we wanted to see...

and P.S. jumper has no ending...the story just stops (did the black guy make it off the mountain...who dyes his hair in the cave...did the other jumper die in the power lines...why didn't vader just use his light saber to kill all the pylons)...it's weird.