02 February, 2008

ticket and stuff

My ticket is bought and i am, Monday at 10pm, heading for the green, green mountains of Nepal. Tuesday when i went to inquire about my ticket, i asked if i need to show my passport, which i had on me, and the lady said no. Thursday when i went to buy the ticket she said i needed my passport. That’s sort of India in a nut shell you never know what you going to get at any moment. that works for good stuff as well...i was late for an appointment sitting on the train and this Indian came over and said "not sure if you know this but, this train terminates at the next station, there you have to transfer for “Churchgate" he saved me about an hours worth of travel time...but you know it is hard to live here and that’s part of the excitement...the excitement of any large city...Philly was hard sometimes too.

As i was walking away from the ticket counter i got a call a bout a job that would last for a month of shooting at rs.800 per day...and it starts the day i leave for Nepal...damm! Then another call from this agent, Paras, who i have been trying to butter up because he gets good, high paying jobs. He had a job for me on the 11th...a modeling job i might add...and i can't take that either…Nepal better be awesome!!!

I found out you can't view ABC TV on-line out side of the US so no "Lost" for me.
I got this book on Mumbai, a street by street map; i don't know i have lived without it. My fake diesel bag is dying, that's what you get why you buy bags for $3.00 on the street. I found this place that sells wicker furniture and i actually like the stuff and it’s affordable. While not a big wicker fan, wicker seems to suit India somehow.
I also found how to get a water cooler sent to my house...i have been hunting this for 2 months. Turns out it is much cheaper than i thought.

That’s it for now...enjoy!

Oh crap i almost forgot...the date went really well...there just may be a second one

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Wil said...

YAY on the date! :D I got your texts do you actually get mine too? Every time you've sent one, I've responded, but not sure if they make it all the way to you. Good luck in Nepal...I hear the King might be looking for work, maybe you can bring him back to India and get him an acting gig? ;) Have a safe trip! xo