29 February, 2008

she works hard...

on tuesday night i did a night shoot. it was for a nothing little film...no big stars..crappy sets. i was nervous because the next day i had to do a commercial and my call time for that was 6:30am so i would be cutting it close...luckily the shoot got done at 2am. the only other thing interesting about the shoot was VaCrazy was there and was nice to me. there were three other Americans there and he was talking to them and then they started yelling at him...later they told me he was trash talking America.

next day i go to the commercial. it was for a clothing store here called pantaloons...kinda of like the Macy's of India/Mumbai. they put me in a pink shirt...a white guy in a pink shirt...whatever. the whole thing only lasted two hours and i made rs.4000 so it was great.

that night (wed.)i did the night shot again...VaCrazy managed to make another group of people mad at him...it was a boring (the shot and fight). it was supposed to go a third night but thankfully was cancelled.

thursday this guy called me about doing voice-over work for friday. he is sort of a friend trying to coordinate his own projects so i agreed. i got there and it ended up only lasting 45 mins. and i got paid rs.1500 so it was a score plus thru it i met another agent. it was a good day. i have nothing lined up for the weekend and it feels good. all i am going to do is see "Sweeney Todd" which just opened today here.

oh, i got cast in the corporate video i auditioned for on monday, it shoots next week.

i went to see "jodha and akbar" it's a big film here and it stars the guy with two thumbs on one hand...it was four hours long, i thought my head would explode...but it was a costume drama piece, beautiful to look at...but four hours jeez!

and that's my week in India all i did was work...i want some fun...although my work is fun...anyway tomorrow is saturday...there is a party...well shall see

here's a pic of 'ol three thumbs...enjoy!


Oliver said...

he would totally out thumb me if i were to give a *thumbs up*!!!

Oliver said...

love guru

glinke said...

i like the part of you wearing a pink t-shirt.

did we talk about pink t-shirt here before?

it's kind of karma!

Wil said...

Oh my! (º.º)
OK, mutants thumbs is kinda cute, but that just freaks me out. :-p