19 February, 2008

reality whore...who me?

So I loves a good reality show....and more than a good reality show, I loves me a bad one. But NOBODY loves reality TV more than India. Every night of the week there are tons on TV. They especially love singing competitions.

Last night the roomie that won't leave (he promises on the 21st) said that he gave my photos to a producer of a new reality show. What? It’s a dance competition. What? What? They match 9 regular folks with a Bollywood star (which am I?) they practice for three days and then they dance and someone gets voted off. Just like dancing with the stars. So I may be on it. They want a white guy but it still to early to tell. I am already practicing my winning speeches. Sameer says if I am on it, I will "become much famous". The best put I would get paid to hang out with a real Bollywood star...fingers crossed!!!

I am working the next four days which is nice cause I spent more than I wanted to in Nepal. It’s a bit like Target, you shop around and spend $5.oo here, $2.00 there and at the end of the day, you are broke. The studio is very near my house and I think it's a dance scene (they must have heard that I am a dancer now).

Anyway that's my life today!

p.s. i tried to send jessica and mom e-mails today and they wouldn't go...i got your e-mails and will respond later!


glinke said...

Bolly Elliot, anyone?

Wil said...

Wow. You've reached your pinacle. You, on a Reality Show. I can die content now. LOL :D Good luck with that...I SOOOOO hope you get it!

Oliver said...

i can honestly say, if you make it to the reality dance show, that i have a reality star friend. i am a whore when it comes to reality show, amongst other things!