07 February, 2008


after a long, long, long, long, long, long, long, journey from mumbai i have arrived...i will give you the low down later...(my keyboard does not have the keys labeled and i am having to rely on my memory, yikes)...i go to see about my visa tomorrow and i also check into the same hotel i staied in 14 years ago...cool. oh and ot's cold here...like almost snowing cold...and there is no hot water...i thinka i stinka, cause i no showera. but its beautifil and the food is amazing and cheap...it's 3pm and i have eaten 3 times and on my way for a 4th.

ok take care...show love!!!

speaking of love...there was a really good second date! ha ha!


Wil said...

have a great time! (and take a spong bath or something, I'm smellin' ya all the way over here!) ;)
Look out for the Yeti! hehe

Oliver said...

i'm lost...who'd you have a date with?

Wil said...

The Persian!
(Keep up Ollie. ;) hehe)