18 February, 2008

like a bad headache...Nokia!

I am back...in Mumbai!

I brought home a bit of a cold so this won't be long because I want to nap. The journey home was largely uneventful. The Maoist blocked the road my bus had to take from Katmandu so we had to travel an extra six hours to go around them. Which wasn't so bad cause sitting all around me were 8 monks. I was so trying to be there friend and they were so trying to avoid me. Which made me try harder...they won.

Back in Mumbai it's warm and I showered.

Oh, one cool thing. I ended up having to stay at a hotel half way home because I couldn’t get a train ticket Friday. While at the hotel, I saw a Nokia commercial I am in. It's was one of those "blink and you'll miss me" moments but, anyway it's with SRK and it is below!!!

I am at 34 seconds in, walking out of a bakery with a bag in the background...don't blink!!
Enjoy, I think it's my best work yet ha ha!


Wil said...

I did blink...but I rewound and went back numerous times. There's a faceless blob I think is you. hehe. Congrats. ;)

Gary said...

why he gotta block your flick?! i watched and paused a few times too.