11 February, 2008

better in the 00977.

I am feeling better...I was crabby last night, I guess I just needed to vent cause now it's better.

I went to the "monkey" temple yesterday...a beautiful stupa (Buddhist temple) that is home to about 200 monkeys. I am fascinated by monkeys...I have always wanted a helper monkey (Google it). These monkeys were kind of scary. 200 hundred of any kind of wild animal is scary. They move really, really fast and are all around you. I had been to this temple before. To get to the top of the mountain where the stupa is, you climb stairs, about 4000 of them. Lore has it that if you reach the top without stopping you will reach enlightenment in this birth cycle or lifetime. When I was 24 I did it...there was still hope of saving me. At 38 all hope is gone, I stopped twice.

Today I went to see about going to Mt. Everest. I don't want to hike it, obviously, but I thought it would be cool to go to it. Last time I was here I climbed a little mountain, more of a hill, where you could get to the top and look across a valley and see Everest. This time I wanted to be closer.
I went to an agent, told him I just wanted to see it and he said...

Agent: "ok you can go, do you have a tent or will you rent one and how about gear"
Craig: "I didn't want to stay the night but isn't there a hotel to stay at there"
Agent: "yeah, it's an eight day hike to get to base camp at the bottom of Everest"
Craig falls into laughter.

Could you see me hiking for eight days? I wouldn't hike eight days to a hello kitty convention where bjork is performing much less to the bottom of a snow covered mountain!!
He then tells me that there is a plane that will take people on 45 minute sky tours around the mountain. I’ve seen the film "Alive", forget that. So I won't see Everest.

I got two tee-shirts made here. They do hand embroidery and will put anything you want on a shirt. I am in heaven. I got "I keep it reals in the 065" and “I drop rupees by the core"...065 is my post code, rupees is the name of the money I use, a core is like a million rupees.

Nepal uses the rupee too but a different one than India. When you get your change back at a shop or restaurant they will combine types of money you get back...ie you'll get some US dollars, some india rupees, and some nepal rupees...it's werid.

so Nepal is beautiful...if you like nature, great food, and nice people this is the place for you...it is nearly perfect (cold). the people here are so nice, they say hello and smile. the locals are really attractive as well, half Asian half Indian, a great combo. the girls are really shy but somehow seductive and the guys are really into rap and are all thugged out. India try’s to be hip, but Nepal gets it.

I also went to Kumari house which is where the keep this little girl they pick as a child to be a princess. she has to leave her family a live in this temple. she is worshipped and holds court doing rituals. she stays until she "bleeds", not necessarily her period, just bleeds. it could be from a cut or scratch. they think that shows she is not divine but merely human. then she is removed and they pick a new one.

alright that's Nepal today...live it!!

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Wil said...

"I wouldn't hike eight days to a hello kitty convention where bjork is performing much less to the bottom of a snow covered mountain!!"

And that's why I love you. hahahaha! Wow, sorry things didn't turn out so great in Nepal, but it seems like you're doing ok now. :) Can you find, and take a picture of a Yeti for me? Thanx!