31 January, 2008

Rambo 4 is a homophobic piece of shit.

monday i went for a shot on this film called taveer, which means photograph, and i was again a business man. alas, never cast as male model. i was really excited for two reasons:
1. the star of the film is Ashok Kumaar. he is the highest paid actor in bollywood right now. he was really nice and didn't run off to his trailer in-between takes. he walks by me in a scene, which means i won't end up on the cutting room floor (hopefully)
2. the director and crew of the film also worked on "bombay to bangkok" which i just saw so i was able to tell them i loved it, which was a white lie, but the music is good and the lead actor (Shreyas Talpade) was great! anyway....
it was supposed to be a two day shoot but they finished in one.

tuesday i went to figure out my travel arrangements for Nepal...(i know i still haven't left yet?). i really wanted to fly, so i went and checked ticket prices...rs.16000. then i checked the train...rs.450. my train leaves on monday.

wednesday i had a shot for this film called "fashion". i was excited to work on this film as well. it has been getting a bit of press cause it features a "positive gay character". i got to the set eager to see the character. the shoot was a fancy runway show, we were all in suits and had to act posh...so then i see this one guy in a bright pink shirt and earrings...so much for the "positive gay character". it is a big deal the last film with gays (Deepta Mehta's 1996 film "fire") was banned otright so this is progress(?). anyway it was fun and i am glad to be part of it however small my part is.

today (thursday) i am going to buy my train ticket (tuesday i was just "gathering information") and eat at my favorite restaurant and try to watch "lost" online at the internet cafe and then buy a sweater.

friday i have a date...wha..wha..WHAT! yes, i have a date. i am sure it will end in boredom and betrayal like all the rest...sooo whatever!

saturday i have a party to go to.

sunday the roommate is moving out yes!

monday is nepal!

so there you have it kids...i will blog again soon...
take care of your friends, they are important!
that reminds me i am having trouble finding padded envelopes which i need to send gifts but the search continues i haven't forgotten you all...

a song from bombay to bangkok...


glinke said...

so, straight people wear suits and gay positive character wear pink shirt? it does not make sense to me.

a real gay positive character wouldn't pick a pink t-shirt that easier.

it is pink opaque? flashy pink? pinky pink? pink with a hint of white? total pink? shocking pink? pink stripes? polka dotted pink?

how can it be positive if he wears such anonymous colour?


Wil said...

Well, it could have been worse, they could have queened him out more and threw him in a sari. :-p