21 January, 2008

back: part two...the iranian invasion

the Iranians arrive and a large group of us are sitting around a grouping of tables. they start going around the table asking where everyone is from. they get to me, i swallow "America" there is silence...one Iranian shouts acroos the tables "hey America, will you tell your president to fuck our president" i pick my mobile off the table and fake dial, like i do, "hey bush will you fuck Irans president" i hold the phone from my ear "bush says OK...hows next Thursday"...they scream with laughter and i become loved by all.

the shoot was pretty uneventful..we were soldiers and just sort of had to march around in the background, kinda boring. i kept thinking in America they would digitally put us in there. we worked for two days then they said we were done...then said we weren't and then back and forth. i was really tried of the Mumbai freaks and just wanted to go home...after three days of not working...all spent at the beach...we were called to work again. we shot during the day, then they said they need some folks for a night shoot so i did that too...for the day part we were paid rs.1200 and for the night rs.800...john told me we only got rs.500 for the night part but everyone else said that we got rs.800 so when i asked he got really mad we got in a small fight and he lost my friendship over rs.300...which i think is us 7.00. Indians are difficult to trust, they have a different meaning of the word but i always thought he was a bit different...but you know what they say "different is just a fancy word for exactly the same".

the best part of the trip beside the postcard perfect scenery was meeting the Iranians, imparticular three. Farshid, Mohammed #2 (there were seven Mohammeds), and Wahid. they were three of the nicest people and we became instant friends. at the end of March i am going to pune to visit them (except Wahid who is leaving to go back to Iran this week:(! ). they made the trip for me. it was really great to talk to them about politics, 911, culture, Jews, and arranged marriages in a really open and honest way. these are the people my president says i should hate? listening to us describe our presidents actually sounded oddly the same...not following the peoples will, creating war out of nothing, acting unilaterally, etc...they are counting downs their president days left in office the same way we are.

so in the end i still made money, lost a friend made three better ones. my towel died (it picked up some weird smell) again i got a new better one and everything is right again.

back in mumbai, my apartment was OK. it was the first time the roomie was home alone, i was a bit nervous. he is moving out next week and it is time...i will have to write about his marriage plans...it funny...that will be later...this week i was going to go to Nepal but after the trip south i just need some time before i head out again...i start a five day shoot tomorrow...i think i will leave for Nepal Feb 1.

oh and i never made it to Joyce...i left late trains were crazy and anyway...but i told this man i was going there and he paid for my cab and said' i am Christan too" oh and on the train an old man grabbed at my crotch and i punched him in the stomach...was that too brief to write at the end sorry it wasn't really funny it felt gross. i guess it was funny i punched him i was just really mad.

and here is my song of the week, it is from the 1998 film "Dil Se" staring SRK, it still plays everyday at this theatre downtown its been running since 1998: enjoy


Wil said...

I love that you've met Iranians and got to speak to "real" people, not the sound bites we're used to seeing on the News. It's great to hear that they too hate their idiot leader. I LOVE that you punched someone in the stomach after all that "bridging cultural gaps" with the Iranians. LOL! But yeah, from what I read Indian men are quite grabby but usually only to woman...of course your exotic and he prolly couldn't help himself. ;) Enjoy Nepal and for the love of Atheisim, TAKE PICTURES ALREADY! hehehe. love ya!

glinke said...

how old was the poor old man that received a punch for a grab? i mean, if he was THAT old you should've shown a bit of compassion. what if he lived his first 96 years with a wife and their 37 sons, covering his love for bum fun under the long dark shadows of guilt and crime? then came you, a beautiful actor he probably noticed at his local theatre and he felt loved and graced for the very first time. maybe he's now attempting suicide. probably he's trying to hang himself with a rope made of moustache from his beautiful wife.
anyway, enjoy Nepal but be careful. it's not a very friendly place these days.

Oliver said...

oh double, i miss your sense of humor. seriously! but punching someone in the stomach for touching your crotch? why? was he ugly? or you were feeling not so clean and sexy?