27 January, 2008

all i want to do is see Rambo 4

the past four nights i have been on a night shot for a film called "money hai, honey hai". i have no idea what that means. the shoot started every night around 6pm and went until 6am, i was paid $25.00 per night (that is considered good pay). the shoot was relatively uneventful. the scene was a fashion show spoof. the models wore really crazy outfits. i was in the audience, the camera did a close up of me so maybe I'll be in the film, maybe not, luckily i get paid either way.

the first night: being winter in Mumbai, at night it gets cold, really cold. that first night everyone froze. we had not been told it would all be shot outdoors. i just had on a tee-shirt, that sucked. we were shooting at 'film city' which is where a majority of the studio's are. it's this massive mountain on the edges of the city and everywhere you go films and TV show are being shot, it is really exciting there. after the shoot finished (6am) we were all to board a bus that would carry us from the top of the mountain to the train station. the bus was really crowded the bus driver refused to go, so everyone started fighting with him. the driver was punched a mirror was pulled off the bus and the air was let out of his tyres (in India, tire is spelt with a "y"). it went from calm to crazy in two seconds. we had to catch riks to the station.

second night: when i got to film city (the bottom of the mountain) the police where there to question everyone. i played dumb "all Indians look the same to me, i don't know who did what". i didn't want to tell him two people i know where the jerks that punched the driver and let the air out. they got a random guy on a motorcycle to drive me up mountain to the set. when i swung my leg to get on the bike i kicked the police man in the ding dong, he sort of stumbled, the bike took off and all i could do was yell "sorry!".

the next two nights there were no fights and no ding dong kicking. the shoot was only to run two nights and i was happy with that. when they announced a third night, i felt trapped. i had a really nice Saturday planned in my head, which the highlight of was to see Rambo 4. normally the idea of a Rambo film wouldn't be a joyous event for me but...

the first time i was in India back in 1994. Rambo: First Blood Part 2 had just opened, a full 10 years after its US release date. i think the idea that Rambo 4 is opening here the same time as it opens in the US is a great indicator of the changes that India has gone through in the last 15 years. i also love that its number four and i am celebrating my fourth month here. i love that it opened on India's republic day. it's the day they got the British out. [republic day is also a dry day, no alcohol can be sold in India.]

so when they told me that there would be a third night i just keep thinking "all i want to do is see Rambo 4". they hold your pay until the end of the shoot, you have to keep coming back. after the third night they called for a fourth. after four days of being awake all night and sleeping just a little during the day my body is reminding me that i am not 21 anymore, but i have a pocket full of cash and tonight i will see Rambo 4!

Monday and Tuesday i have a two day shoot for my agent, Amjad, that i just fired last week? confusing i know. i fired my agent cause he hasn't sent me on a job in two months, all my work has come from other sources, so i told him not to call me anymore. he is in the bad habit of booking me then replacing me with someone cheaper (it's nice to know i am not the cheapest guy in town). anyway so now he sending me on a two day film shoot as an apology. Wednesday i book my train ticket and leave for Nepal (finally). the room mate is moving out on Wednesday as well (i think/hope).

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Wil said...

hahahaa! Just reading "ding-dong" in your blog made my day. hahaha