03 December, 2007

there's no place like home...

so i's gots me an apartment...moved in yesterday everything went smoothly...or as much as things can go smoothly...spent most of the first day cleaning the bathroom and the kitchen area (which is just a sink). there is a huge "supermarket" across from my colony (as it is called) so I went got a few things for my bachelor pad(because I am unmarried I am consently referred to as a bachelor here, I feel very 1950's)..anyway today have to get a bed...last nights sleep on the floor was not as bad as one might think but I need a bed. so far the neighbors are avoiding me...one came to my door this morning and asked for money...when I said in Hindi "no understand" (nay, samje) she just kept talking so I slowly closed the door. she went away.
Saturday night i went to a party on a boat my friend david came and he had a friend in from DC...it was really really nice to be able to talk freely...so much of the english i use has to be so broken down into basics..go, stop, here, after...i only talk in one word sentences...so it was nice to just let loose
oh and as you can see i have found a new internet cafe...the best part is its only 15rs per hour...my last place was 75rs. anway i have to go get a shower bucket...cause...I LIVE IN INDIA NOW!


Wil said...

HAHA! Shower bucket...that cracked me up for some reason.

Oliver said...

shower buckets remind me of the philippines.

good times (minus the cold water).