08 December, 2007


tomorrow marks one week since i moved into my flat...and i love it! it small and its an old building a bit rough around the edges but i love it. the only thing i don't love are the bugs...there are a lot of bugs; ants, moths, spiders, and three geckos...the first night when the geckos arrived i was freaked cause there big, 6 inches...but last night they didn't come round and i sort of missed them. so at night the some of the bugs bite, i haven't been able to figure out which ones are the culprit...i have marks all over my arms and face...which sucks, they don't itch and i don't feel it when they bite so i guess its OK it just unsightly and now that my face is my calling card...well anyway i feel like i am on survivor.

yesterday i let my friend sameer move in for a few weeks, he is waiting for his new flat to be readied. he is already being a big help...he got tiffin service started for me...a tiffin is a metal lunch box...made up of a series of small round containers that stack on top of each other and then all lock together at the top...you purchase the tiffin, give it to the "tiffin man" and everyday he fills with hot food and delivers it your door for rs.25 (us .50 cent). since i can't cook at my place, it's great...and if you're not around one day, you just call and they won't come. so he is helpful and we are really helping each other with English/Hindi learning. which is more important out here, down in the tourist are everybody speaks English cause it's part of there lively hood here..mostly Hindi. i am sure once the few weeks are up i will probably hate him but for now it's cool.

it is winter here in mumbai, which means that it dips into the 70's and at night the low 70's...it also, like in the states, means that everybody has a cold...and i have developed some weird allergies...i live right on the edge of the 'jungle' so there are many, many trees and strange plants and something is making me snotty. there are also new animals, mainly birds i have never seen before and they make really interesting sounds it's nice.

so remember when i wrote before that i needed a bollywood break, well, watch what you wish for...i haven't worked since Wednesday last week...i miss it...and i miss the money coming in....now that i don't have to pay daily hotel bills it would be really nice to have the money stack up...and i also need some stuff for my flat...like plates and a cup would be nice...oh i started use tap water to brush my teeth...the next hurdle is to drink it sameer says it is safe but...

enjoy your day... and remember...be kind to strangers...they may have just moved to your country and feel a bit lost or overwhelmed...say hi to them!!

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Wil said...

Keep the Geckos...hell, go out and buy some and sprinkle them around the flat. They'll eat the bugs, you'll be less "marked up". :)
Good luck with the roomie...take pictures already! LOL.