05 December, 2007

OH, IT'S ON!!!

announcing the first ever americanmumbaiker competition!!!...now that i have an apartment you can send me mail...soooo..who ever i get the first piece of mail from will get a special gift direct from India...i am not sending out Christmas gifts cause i don't know where the GPO is in my new town yet and i would have needed to ship last week...so if you want a gift from India, here's your chance, get mailing...

Bldg. No. 20, Flat 2053,
5th Floor, Vanrai Colony,
Goregaon (E) Mumbai
400 065

so good luck...be warned Oliver may have an advantage being on the west coast so don't delay...for now only send cards or letters, no parcels (cash accepted haha)...and the foreigner bit is important as is the capitalization of surname and the word foreigner...because i am white they will deliver direct to my door instead of at the mail box on the first floor...i am not sure why i get special treatment that's just what i was told...maybe they have seen my films....

which brings me to "Goal" i went to see it last night...you may remember this is the film i did voice overs for....well the film is terrible. the plot is under privileged soccer team comes from behind and wins the championship blah blah blah...they added some extra Indian fight racism crap in for this market...but it was sooo very cool to hear my voice on the screen...i wanted to tell people around me...they must of thought i was crazy cause i would laugh and what was on screen wasn't funny...but it was cool, totally cool.

i got a bed yesterday, well a futonesque mattress but i love it. it cost rs.600 and they threw in a pillow for free. i have a new food love it is called pava var (i think) everyone laughs when i say it. it cost rs.5, it's a fried ball of potato, peas and over goodness put on a bun with spicy and sweet chutneys...i love it..rs.5 is US 12 cents. i order two and they look at me like i am a pig.

so i also have a phone here and if i call you it is very very expensive but ya'll can call me..9870054384 you need country and city codes which i don't know but there it is...just remember there is a 10:30 time difference.

alright that's it for today...enjoy and MAIL!!!


Wil said...

SWEET! We got homework! hahaha

Gary said...

ok, so i'm like 3 days late so i may not win the contest but i'm working on the mail because I FREAKING MISS YOU!

...and i may want indian things, a little.

Wil said...

I'll prolly loose since I have yet to send something, but I'll try this weekend! (Friggin' decemeber so damn busy. >:I)

Can you send a hot Indian guy by mail? (he can be my and Bern's house-boy. LOL)

Oliver said...