11 December, 2007

i stopped counting at 42...

no bitches, this isn't a blog about my age...it's about the number of bites i have...and the 42 number...that's just one arm...yeah, so it's bad...but i got some mosquito coils and they helped last night and i hope to get a sleep net today, so all will be well...but, i will most likely have to start malaria pills if i am getting bit this much...it's just really weird cause they don't itch and i don't feel them bite....at first i thought it was bed bugs which are a know problem here but everything i read about them says the bites really itch...mine don't...they look like a cross between poison ivy and flea bites...so enough about my deformities...

so i saw this dog get run over yesterday....(and now i am crying again)...like i have cried hourly ever since it happen...i think it will go down as the single worse thing i have ever seen happen...it was bad, just a really fucked up thing to witness...i just feel like i want to yell at someone for it or punch the driver or scream....and i wish it would leave my head...and now i am scaring the other people in the internet cafe with my crying...so i will abruptly change subjects!

i am working again...yesterday i shot a commercial for french TV...why it's shot in India...who knows! it's for baby wipes...the lead gal tells her boyfriend she doesn't want to have a baby...then smells these baby wipes and decides she does...the werid part is that she's pregnat so she is saying that the smell of those wipes has made her change her mind about abortion....the right wing in American should get hold of some of them wipes...i have to go back again today...it feels good to have the cash in my pocket!!!

ok i have to run...take care ya'll...i miss and love you all very,very much.

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