25 December, 2007

good news vs. bad news


for Christmas i received a text informing me that i didn't get a part i auditioned for, bad news...good news, i didn't get it cause i look "too young"! ha!

Last year at this time i was in a really bad space...the realization of leaving Philadelphia was smacking me in the face daily. also realized that because of the fighting i would not be able to move to Sri Lanka. i was LOST, everything was bad. i was the most unhappy i had ever been...blah blah blah...

cut to one year later and basically most every dream I've ever had has come true...i am the happiest i have ever been...i am an actor in India for Christs sakes...my life rocks...so there is a Christmas lesson...always remember the immortal words of Ruth Cluenet "it is always darkest before the dawn"...

live your dreams kids!!!

1 comment:

Oliver said...

happy holidays my YOUNG-looking friend, double!!!

i mailed you a card, which i expect you to receive several weeks after the holidays.

anyways, XOXOXO