30 December, 2007

brand new by tomorrow

so ends another year. alas, what a crazy one it has been.

and that's all I'm saying about that...no deep thoughts, no words about living your dreams, no words about those motherf@#kers that killed Benazir Bhutto...just this year...lets all be happy!!

so Bollywood....well lately i have been thinking that it is time to leave Bollywood behind...December has been a rough month..firstly tourist are here so my agents can get them for roles at half the price i get so the work has been sparse and i have an apartment now and need things...which cost money...then, when i have worked, it hasn't been as fun...so i am thinking about a "real" job...before coming here ,i thought it would be fun to work at a call center, not for long mind you, but a month or two. it's such a hot button topic in the states and i would like to see what is means this end...so i may do that...and there are other things i can do...we shall see...

on 5 Jan i leave for a shoot in the south of India a place called Karela, it's a four day shoot and i think it may be my "swan song"...a nice way to say goodbye i think!
Then when i get back i have to head out to Nepal to renew my visa...which thanks to those fuckers who killed Bhutto it may be a longer process cause things, boarders, are tightening right now...but that's a month away so it should be better. i am really excited to go to Nepal. i was there before and loved it. it will be cold which will be nice.

for New Years there are a ton of parties...without Christmas they put all of there energies into New Years and this year bars can stay open until 5am instead of shutting at the usual 1:30am..it a big deal here, people are freaking out about it...that will be fun.

so that's India today...w!l i got your post card, thank you v v much!
so ya'll take care this holiday...don't drink and drive...THIS YEAR WE ALL BECOME RICH!!!!


Oliver said...

happy new year double!!!

i still expect an autographed headshot of you. SERIOUSLY!!! you know my mailing address.

Wil said...

Happy New Year buddy! :) So glad the cheesey card made it to you! hehee. Good luck with all your upcoming adventures in 2008. One question though, how come your visa has to be renewed in Nepal and not in India? :) Either way, have a great time in Nepal and as always: POST PICTURES! I'm a photo-whore and love looking at them! :)

Jessica said...

Happy New Year CraigMack!
You arent' missing too much here in
the states. Hopefully you did something
fabulous in India.
Miss you!