19 December, 2007




so i had done a night shoot which wrapped around 4am...it was a soap where one character goes crazy and tries to kill another with a broken bottle...this all takes place at a fancy restaurant...the wait staff pulls out a rope and tries to catch the crazy lady...it was so funny (a rope!!!) and they all took it very seriously...which of course made it even funnier...so i go home at 4 and crashed. 'round 8am my phone rings and somebody wants to confirm my address...i hung up...an hour later my door bell rings and there, courtesy of one Jessica CaCa-FaFa, is an Indian man holding a gift basket full of chocolates and treats...i thought i was dreaming!!! I live in India and wouldn't know how to send somebody a gift basket but Jessica did it...and it made my week...so Jessica here's to you...the winner!! (and look for you own gift to arrive from India! but be warned i am a slow mailer)

Now because the contest was a mailing competition i decided to give a second place to the first post letter to come as well...

a month ago this guy wrote to me on myspace just asking about how life in India is etc. we did some back and forth emails and i told him to read my blog...he did...and i got his Christmas card yesterday!...so the second runner up is Jon Kelly from New York...i have never met you but the card was really special and will go down as my first piece of 'indian mail'...so thanks!!!...he too will receive a gift from India!!

so if i get more mail i will let you know...thanks to everyone for playing...and again to Jessica...i have been eating and laughing all week!!


Wil said...

Oh fuck nuts. I lost. :-p

Jessica said...

After going through the very weird experience of trying to send a basket of treats in India, I honestly didn't think that they would actually deliver it. It was all so vague. But alas, they delivered!!! Sorry to wake you up so early after your amazing roping soap opera shoot. That sounds like fun.
Some of the baskets came with flowers, but I thought "i'm pretty sure Craig doesn't have a vase to put them in" so I scratched that idea.
Sorry Will, I wasn't trying to beat you. You probably sent yours weeks ago.

Wil said...

haha, not at all. Snail mail is just that in other countries, and I only recently sent mine, so it's all good. Enjoy your victory! ;)