30 December, 2007

brand new by tomorrow

so ends another year. alas, what a crazy one it has been.

and that's all I'm saying about that...no deep thoughts, no words about living your dreams, no words about those motherf@#kers that killed Benazir Bhutto...just this year...lets all be happy!!

so Bollywood....well lately i have been thinking that it is time to leave Bollywood behind...December has been a rough month..firstly tourist are here so my agents can get them for roles at half the price i get so the work has been sparse and i have an apartment now and need things...which cost money...then, when i have worked, it hasn't been as fun...so i am thinking about a "real" job...before coming here ,i thought it would be fun to work at a call center, not for long mind you, but a month or two. it's such a hot button topic in the states and i would like to see what is means this end...so i may do that...and there are other things i can do...we shall see...

on 5 Jan i leave for a shoot in the south of India a place called Karela, it's a four day shoot and i think it may be my "swan song"...a nice way to say goodbye i think!
Then when i get back i have to head out to Nepal to renew my visa...which thanks to those fuckers who killed Bhutto it may be a longer process cause things, boarders, are tightening right now...but that's a month away so it should be better. i am really excited to go to Nepal. i was there before and loved it. it will be cold which will be nice.

for New Years there are a ton of parties...without Christmas they put all of there energies into New Years and this year bars can stay open until 5am instead of shutting at the usual 1:30am..it a big deal here, people are freaking out about it...that will be fun.

so that's India today...w!l i got your post card, thank you v v much!
so ya'll take care this holiday...don't drink and drive...THIS YEAR WE ALL BECOME RICH!!!!

25 December, 2007

good news vs. bad news


for Christmas i received a text informing me that i didn't get a part i auditioned for, bad news...good news, i didn't get it cause i look "too young"! ha!

Last year at this time i was in a really bad space...the realization of leaving Philadelphia was smacking me in the face daily. also realized that because of the fighting i would not be able to move to Sri Lanka. i was LOST, everything was bad. i was the most unhappy i had ever been...blah blah blah...

cut to one year later and basically most every dream I've ever had has come true...i am the happiest i have ever been...i am an actor in India for Christs sakes...my life rocks...so there is a Christmas lesson...always remember the immortal words of Ruth Cluenet "it is always darkest before the dawn"...

live your dreams kids!!!

22 December, 2007

do they know it's christmas...

what once was a catchy line from a pop song is now my life...i have been a little bit down about Christmas or rather the lack of...at first i thought yes i don't have to deal with it...all the running around spending etc. but know as the date approaches i am a little bit sad...i my be actually working on Christmas...i know right! but anyway...enough boo hooing!

i shot another TV soap the other day and i had lines in Hindi and English...i was a waiter...so between takes i am talking to the male lead and he says his name...i didn't know if he said robbie or ravi so i asked and he said "Ravi, Rape Always Virgins Immediately" Can you imagine...i wanted to puke...i said "that's gross" and he laughed...

yesterday i contacted a new agent and he may have work for me...he said "so you're a model?" i said "yes" anyway i know he gets his clients high paying jobs so...we'll see...i also found out about a shoot that is happening in the south (Kerela) is 15 days starting Jan 1 and pays rs.1000-1500 daily. i have never been down south and this would be expenses paid so i am excited for that.

otherwise not too much happening here...i checked the weather forcast and for the next month, it had the same forcast for...91 clear...i've been here almost three months and that's been the forcast for everyday...it never rains here...

hope you all have a great holiday and that Santa is good to you...i miss you all very much...enjoy life grrrrr!

19 December, 2007




so i had done a night shoot which wrapped around 4am...it was a soap where one character goes crazy and tries to kill another with a broken bottle...this all takes place at a fancy restaurant...the wait staff pulls out a rope and tries to catch the crazy lady...it was so funny (a rope!!!) and they all took it very seriously...which of course made it even funnier...so i go home at 4 and crashed. 'round 8am my phone rings and somebody wants to confirm my address...i hung up...an hour later my door bell rings and there, courtesy of one Jessica CaCa-FaFa, is an Indian man holding a gift basket full of chocolates and treats...i thought i was dreaming!!! I live in India and wouldn't know how to send somebody a gift basket but Jessica did it...and it made my week...so Jessica here's to you...the winner!! (and look for you own gift to arrive from India! but be warned i am a slow mailer)

Now because the contest was a mailing competition i decided to give a second place to the first post letter to come as well...

a month ago this guy wrote to me on myspace just asking about how life in India is etc. we did some back and forth emails and i told him to read my blog...he did...and i got his Christmas card yesterday!...so the second runner up is Jon Kelly from New York...i have never met you but the card was really special and will go down as my first piece of 'indian mail'...so thanks!!!...he too will receive a gift from India!!

so if i get more mail i will let you know...thanks to everyone for playing...and again to Jessica...i have been eating and laughing all week!!

15 December, 2007

alkeyhol kills cooties

so last Sunday my landlord (parney) had a birthday party for his ten year old girl and i was invited...my roomie and i went. so we get there and i see parney's wife i say hello..then she introduces me to his OTHER wife...yes he's got two...later when i told him in America he would go to jail for that he just didn't understand.

so all the men at the party go to the roof to drink booze and talk really dirty about women...i met a lot of my neighbors it was FUN FUN FUN. sameer and i got really drunk...actually everybody got really drunk...i danced and everybody laughed...which seems to be the reaction to my dancing..grrr! anyway Indian's don't really drink, but when they do, they get stupid frat bot drunk...sameer barfed...so that night was when i really get eaten up by bugs...since then i haven't had one single bite so i think when they bit me they died from alcohol poisoning. who needs modern medicine!

oh, one more thing about the party...when you get there you are given, first thing, a slice of cake...i thought gosh my mom would love this...she only stays at parties waiting for the cake...she could eat and run. bad news is you only get that one slice.

i did another commercial with "King Khan" this week. it's for Nokia phones and i think you will be able to see me in it. there is a street scene and he walks by me in it. i am supposed to shot another commercial tomorrow...and my role in said commercial...a banker..what else!

sameer and i were having coffee this morning and a guy walked by selling cotton candy. i told sameer what it was called in America, he told me the Indian name which was really long but the best part he said it translates to "old woman's hair". tasty!

well i am off to go buy some jeans that i can't afford...i am having money issues which i will go into next time...blah blah...

still no winner in the mailing comp...and nobody has called me yet either....

9870054384 in case you forgot....

oh and i have a Christmas list if anyone cares...

i want a TV..you see i am freaking out that "lost" starts soon and well...

oh and mom, youtube.com has the trailer for the "sex and the city" movie...i can't bring myself to watch it.

11 December, 2007

i stopped counting at 42...

no bitches, this isn't a blog about my age...it's about the number of bites i have...and the 42 number...that's just one arm...yeah, so it's bad...but i got some mosquito coils and they helped last night and i hope to get a sleep net today, so all will be well...but, i will most likely have to start malaria pills if i am getting bit this much...it's just really weird cause they don't itch and i don't feel them bite....at first i thought it was bed bugs which are a know problem here but everything i read about them says the bites really itch...mine don't...they look like a cross between poison ivy and flea bites...so enough about my deformities...

so i saw this dog get run over yesterday....(and now i am crying again)...like i have cried hourly ever since it happen...i think it will go down as the single worse thing i have ever seen happen...it was bad, just a really fucked up thing to witness...i just feel like i want to yell at someone for it or punch the driver or scream....and i wish it would leave my head...and now i am scaring the other people in the internet cafe with my crying...so i will abruptly change subjects!

i am working again...yesterday i shot a commercial for french TV...why it's shot in India...who knows! it's for baby wipes...the lead gal tells her boyfriend she doesn't want to have a baby...then smells these baby wipes and decides she does...the werid part is that she's pregnat so she is saying that the smell of those wipes has made her change her mind about abortion....the right wing in American should get hold of some of them wipes...i have to go back again today...it feels good to have the cash in my pocket!!!

ok i have to run...take care ya'll...i miss and love you all very,very much.

08 December, 2007


tomorrow marks one week since i moved into my flat...and i love it! it small and its an old building a bit rough around the edges but i love it. the only thing i don't love are the bugs...there are a lot of bugs; ants, moths, spiders, and three geckos...the first night when the geckos arrived i was freaked cause there big, 6 inches...but last night they didn't come round and i sort of missed them. so at night the some of the bugs bite, i haven't been able to figure out which ones are the culprit...i have marks all over my arms and face...which sucks, they don't itch and i don't feel it when they bite so i guess its OK it just unsightly and now that my face is my calling card...well anyway i feel like i am on survivor.

yesterday i let my friend sameer move in for a few weeks, he is waiting for his new flat to be readied. he is already being a big help...he got tiffin service started for me...a tiffin is a metal lunch box...made up of a series of small round containers that stack on top of each other and then all lock together at the top...you purchase the tiffin, give it to the "tiffin man" and everyday he fills with hot food and delivers it your door for rs.25 (us .50 cent). since i can't cook at my place, it's great...and if you're not around one day, you just call and they won't come. so he is helpful and we are really helping each other with English/Hindi learning. which is more important out here, down in the tourist are everybody speaks English cause it's part of there lively hood here..mostly Hindi. i am sure once the few weeks are up i will probably hate him but for now it's cool.

it is winter here in mumbai, which means that it dips into the 70's and at night the low 70's...it also, like in the states, means that everybody has a cold...and i have developed some weird allergies...i live right on the edge of the 'jungle' so there are many, many trees and strange plants and something is making me snotty. there are also new animals, mainly birds i have never seen before and they make really interesting sounds it's nice.

so remember when i wrote before that i needed a bollywood break, well, watch what you wish for...i haven't worked since Wednesday last week...i miss it...and i miss the money coming in....now that i don't have to pay daily hotel bills it would be really nice to have the money stack up...and i also need some stuff for my flat...like plates and a cup would be nice...oh i started use tap water to brush my teeth...the next hurdle is to drink it sameer says it is safe but...

enjoy your day... and remember...be kind to strangers...they may have just moved to your country and feel a bit lost or overwhelmed...say hi to them!!

07 December, 2007

yeah...so i am a dork

on my address...i sort of forgot something important,


the name of the country may help...sorry kids!

thanks mom!

05 December, 2007

OH, IT'S ON!!!

announcing the first ever americanmumbaiker competition!!!...now that i have an apartment you can send me mail...soooo..who ever i get the first piece of mail from will get a special gift direct from India...i am not sending out Christmas gifts cause i don't know where the GPO is in my new town yet and i would have needed to ship last week...so if you want a gift from India, here's your chance, get mailing...

Bldg. No. 20, Flat 2053,
5th Floor, Vanrai Colony,
Goregaon (E) Mumbai
400 065

so good luck...be warned Oliver may have an advantage being on the west coast so don't delay...for now only send cards or letters, no parcels (cash accepted haha)...and the foreigner bit is important as is the capitalization of surname and the word foreigner...because i am white they will deliver direct to my door instead of at the mail box on the first floor...i am not sure why i get special treatment that's just what i was told...maybe they have seen my films....

which brings me to "Goal" i went to see it last night...you may remember this is the film i did voice overs for....well the film is terrible. the plot is under privileged soccer team comes from behind and wins the championship blah blah blah...they added some extra Indian fight racism crap in for this market...but it was sooo very cool to hear my voice on the screen...i wanted to tell people around me...they must of thought i was crazy cause i would laugh and what was on screen wasn't funny...but it was cool, totally cool.

i got a bed yesterday, well a futonesque mattress but i love it. it cost rs.600 and they threw in a pillow for free. i have a new food love it is called pava var (i think) everyone laughs when i say it. it cost rs.5, it's a fried ball of potato, peas and over goodness put on a bun with spicy and sweet chutneys...i love it..rs.5 is US 12 cents. i order two and they look at me like i am a pig.

so i also have a phone here and if i call you it is very very expensive but ya'll can call me..9870054384 you need country and city codes which i don't know but there it is...just remember there is a 10:30 time difference.

alright that's it for today...enjoy and MAIL!!!

04 December, 2007


a special shout out to two birthday boyz in da hizzouze.

my nephew joey turns 10 on dec 4th...i hope he got tons of star wars lego sets

and my BBF'S son, indie, turned 9 on nov. 28th...and i hope he got lots of tofu burgers and fake bacon

so happy birthday boys...tell your moms i said to spend lots of money on you today...uncle craig would want it that way!!!

03 December, 2007

there's no place like home...

so i's gots me an apartment...moved in yesterday everything went smoothly...or as much as things can go smoothly...spent most of the first day cleaning the bathroom and the kitchen area (which is just a sink). there is a huge "supermarket" across from my colony (as it is called) so I went got a few things for my bachelor pad(because I am unmarried I am consently referred to as a bachelor here, I feel very 1950's)..anyway today have to get a bed...last nights sleep on the floor was not as bad as one might think but I need a bed. so far the neighbors are avoiding me...one came to my door this morning and asked for money...when I said in Hindi "no understand" (nay, samje) she just kept talking so I slowly closed the door. she went away.
Saturday night i went to a party on a boat my friend david came and he had a friend in from DC...it was really really nice to be able to talk freely...so much of the english i use has to be so broken down into basics..go, stop, here, after...i only talk in one word sentences...so it was nice to just let loose
oh and as you can see i have found a new internet cafe...the best part is its only 15rs per hour...my last place was 75rs. anway i have to go get a shower bucket...cause...I LIVE IN INDIA NOW!

01 December, 2007


so the papers are signed and i moved tomorrow (sunday)...i am so excieted...i may be off the web until i find a new internet cafe near my flat...i have been so freaked about this whole thing it feels good to finally be this close....so until then enjoy this video below!!!