03 November, 2007

why am i like this, three's company and six is a crowd

this was a long week of work. i did a film called lucky charm" and it was three 13 hours days in a row. i was going to take Friday off but i got a call about a TV show and they are my favorite thing to do so....when bollywood calls...no, actually, when bollywood calls you sometimes don't answer the phone. i had three different jobs i could have done today (Saturday) but i declined...isn't this supposed to be a vacation as well as my life!

the film was long hours but because it was with the same people and same location it had a bit of a "family" feel to it...but the kind of family i was ready to leave!

the TV show i did on friday was set in a London hospital...which i didn't understand cause the set is permanent...but it is not always set in London??? none of the actors spoke to me..but it went quick and the set had A/C which is good cause there is a bit of a heat wave in the city...it 35 degrees which i can't figure out what that's means...i know there is some math equation to convert to Fahrenheit but...whatever...anyway the show is called "why am i like this"...which sounds more like an after school special...i had to sit in a waiting room and act like i had just received bad news...there is this gel stuff that you stick your finger in and then wipe in your eye to make yourself cry...i see all the actors here use it...so i asked for some and they said "no, just pretend!"

today on my day off i had planed to see a film but the timings weren't good for me so i took a train to the Bandra area of town...which is the "high end" shopping district...which means they have shops like reebok, tommy hilfiger, and KFC...which i ate at and it kinda sucked. i guess i am just too far from Kentucky. it was so hot out i didn't really enjoy it...so I trained home and napped and ate.

my agents name is Amjad, working for him are Amaan and Sameer. they have quickly become really good friends of mine...i was telling Sameer that i need to find a flat...he suggested that we three get a place...i was caught of guard...i had imagined myself in a place of my own...but then when thinking about it i had never imagined i would be in Myrtle Beach for a year or that i would be acting in India...India is the place people come to to reinvent their lives...so we are gonna start looking for a flat...i plan on playing the part of chrissy...it will most likely never really happen but through them i will meet some agents (the real estate kind). next week is the week i get serious about that hunt.

one day before a shoot Amaans roommate, Bankhesh, took me to his house so he could shower and change...once when i had been asking Amaan where he lived he got really quite and changed the subject quickly...i felt bad because some people here do live on the street. they hold down jobs and are members of normal society but don't have the same normal living arrangements that we in the west have...Amaan is the nicest guy in the world and i just felt terrible that i should make him feel ashamed.
i was excited and scared to see his house...we were in a auto-rickshaw heading towards Amaan and Bankhesh' home and we turn on to this "street" which was the slummiest dirt road ever, piled with rotting garbage and rotting smells and i felt my heartbreaking...how could i let my friend live in this place...just as my eyes were beginning to well with tears we turned again and were back in civilization or at least the Indian version of it...we trucked on until we arrived at his place...it turned out to be nice or at least the Indian version of it. a one room flat divided by a concrete wall into two rooms. the wall is just about three feet high so you can see each room from the other. the larger room was the living/sleeping room and the smaller the kitchen/bathroom. i wasn't permitted to see that (?). the entire space was probably ten feet by twenty and is shared by five or six men. they have no furniture but everybody had there own hook on the wall which held all there clothes...upon entering Bankhesh apologized for having "no A/C only fan". Bankhesh made introductions the roommates that were there, two round my age that work in films as lighting guys and then a younger kid who had half a leg and used a crutch, he makes paper flowers he sells at the markets...later i asked Bankhesh how old he was and Bankhesh got really quite and whispered "he's handicapped". because i was a guest, snacks (biscuits) and tea were sent out for. normally the tea, Chai, comes in these terrible little plastic cups the size of Dixie cups, they are hard to hold cause the tea is severed really, really hot, for me they ran to a neighbors house and got a porcelain tea cup...so i sat there while he showered and was stared at by the roomies and various other neighbors that would poke there heads in to see the "foreigner"...all whites here are called foreigners...little kids always shout 'hello foreigner, good bye foreigner" etc. plugged into the sockets at the house they had several cell phones charging away and yet no chairs, tables, or even mattresses. mobiles are offices and that means work and money, that's what matters here. Bankhesh returned dressed, sprayed deodorant on the outside of his shirt and said with a wink "today i may meet my girlfriend" and we were off.


Wil said...

Sometimes, I swear, you've moved to another planet. :)
Good luck on the flat hunt...looks like you're gonna be in like the Indian version of "Friends". hehe.

Alejandro said...

You're doing Bollywood-type stuff? That's awesome. For some reason I thought you'd fallen off the face of the earth after your first India blog. But here you are! Still on the face of the earth. Congrats.