11 November, 2007


hello boys and girls...today i went on a shoot for a TV show. I had already been on this show about two weeks ago where i played a guy grieving at the hospital and today i played a bartender, i got to be in the scene a good bit it was fun and the actors remembered me from before, so that was nice. i am not working tomorrow but i have an audition for a TV commercial that would shoot the following day...commercials are good money. the deal is you audition then if they cast you, you have to bargain with your agent about the price...it's being short at Yash Rei studios (and i don't think i spelled that right) it's the studio King Khan is part owner of..which again means money...so keep your fingers crossed...i would be playing a business man...when my agent called he said they needed somebody "old"...this business is a bitch. after the audition Sameer and i are going to look at flats...double cross those fingers kids...

and now a bit of my favorite song of the moment...its called Saawariya from the film of the same name...enjoy!!

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