15 November, 2007

ham and eggs

so when last i wrote i was going to Tuesday for an a commercial audition...turns out it was for a film. a film i had done extra worked on...its called lucky charm (working title) anyway so i went for the audition, the part was of "the banker" there were three other whites there...i looked the most like a banker...i got the part!

when i worked on the film before i became really friendly with the crew...it was a five day shot i was on of the few extras there everyday so they got to know me (and sometimes i am nice to people and they like me). i am sure this helped me get the part...so being nice pays off...yuck...now I've got to re-think my life (darn)

i had three lines (i had one more which they cut the day of the shoot, darn!)...

banker: mr raj malhotlra?
banker: we just need your signature on these forms...here, here and one here.
banker: and here is your check...thank you very much!

raj malhotltra is being played by shihid kapur who is the hottest actor going right now...and super cute. i got fitted for a costume, a suit and was told to return at 8 am

after the audition i went to look at some apartments with my friend sameer...some were gross, some were nice...NONE had water 24 hours a day! yeah i know right, the deal here is that for 2-3 hours a day they turn on the water main and you fill a 50 gallon tank in the apartment and use that water during the day...not at home during that time? you have to save some from the day before...so that kinda threw me for a loop...basically water is an amenity and if you want it 24 hours a day you have to pay...really pay

Later that night they called to push the shoot back a day...

on Wednesday i went to see "om shanti om" the new king khan film. i knew serveral people in it. it was exciting. there was one scene where they pull up in front of a film studio...the same studio i was shooting the movie at the next day...it felt awesome just to be able to have the thought..."oh i am shooting a movie there tomorrow"...life is funny!

so the day of the shoot...my suit was huge and i had try on many before we got one that looked right...the scene went well and it was cool hanging with the actors...shi kapur was nice but kept his distance...it went kinda of quickly...normally the extras eat separately from the actors and directors so it was fun to be with them as an "actor". it is a weird feeling to have a dream (making films in bollywood) and then to find yourself living it...it felt like an out of body experience, which is cool cause i never really liked my body anyway...

after the shoot i went to look at another set of apartments and i found one! (i think)...it's small, has no kitchen (again, they are an amenity) but it has 24 hour water and it is well within my budget...so if it all works out i will be moving in within the next two weeks....i am terrified...

when i got back to my hotel i got a call from a fellow actor he was having a party at a local bar so i hopped back on the train and was off...at the sation i hooked up with a group of actors to get cabs while we were waiting i was hamming it up talking about the days shoot when suddenly i felt this WACK to my head, i reached up and realized someone had thrown an egg at me, it i had exploded on my head......and that my dear friends is what i fucking love about mumbai, this city of highs and lows...one minute you are star and the next you've got egg on your face.

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Wil said...

Damn! Well, they can't all be your fans. ;) hehehe.
Congrats on the apartment! Once you're in, post photos! :D