23 November, 2007


so i put down the deposit on my flat today!!! so i will be REALLY living in mumbai...and it is freaking me out...a little...it's a big step and means that i will be here 11 more months...yikes! so i move in next friday...the guys that currently live there are being kicked out to make way for the foreigner!

the film goal released today, it is the first film that i had anything to do with...it is my bad British voice-over...but i had already planned to see Jab We Met (when we met) it stars shihid kapur, who i totally have a man crush on. it was really really good...it was fun to see him in a film cause i've been working on his new film so much and i know him that way it was nice to remember he is actually a star.

i finished reading shantaram...it's a great read all about the dark under belly of mumbai...it was heavy in weight (900 pgs) and in thought so i am following that with the TRASHY bio of katie price, JORDAN...it awful and i love it!

heres the trailer for goal and a song from Jab We Met

so anyway hope your holiday was fun...and remember to keep those comments coming!!

1 comment:

Jessica said...

I was hoping to hear your brit accent
in the trailer. It was the most vague
trailer I believe I have ever seen.
I think I should see it.
Send more.