19 October, 2007


the week started as my weeks do a 8am call time to meet my agent in front of mcdonalds to go to some studio in a suburb of mumbai. i get there and there were many other western folks milling about talking...where you from...how long you here...blah blah blah...it was supposed to be a film shoot but i heard the kids saying something about a TV ad so i asked what we were doing...turns out it was an tv advert for jet airways a new airline ya'll will be flying soon...its cheap and hip...yada yada yada...anyway turns out the star of the advert was to be SHAH RUCK KAHN...ok who...well he is only the fucking brad pitt of indian...hes actually bigger than brad pitt...he is really the star to help usher in this current wave of bollywood fun that began in the early 90's...he's BIG and i was gonna work with him...and i did and it was great...he completely ignored my existence in the way only a megastar could...i couldn't have been happier...i was star struck. i got to be his stand in...he brushed my arm and almost ashed his cigarette on me...i could have died...we were in a scene together...just he and i...and this commercial will play all over asia!! below is a small clip of the awesomeness that is KING KHAN...and yes thats what he is called here...


Wil said...

Ugh. I guess celebrities are tools everywhere. :-p Fuck him and his cigarette ashes! >:O
At least you got to do a commercial.

Jessica said...

So are the paps following you around
everywhere taking your pic cause you are a sudo-celeb now?
When do we get to see your debuts?