17 October, 2007

to the left

beyonce is in town next week and i am feeling like a stupid american cause i kinda wanna go....but at least i am not going to see chillonaire when he is here this weekend!

this is the hottest song in india right now...you here it everywhere...all the kids sing every word perfectly...i asked this guy in a resturant where it was playing if he knew what the words meant, he said no...i said its kinda dirty, he asked if he should take it off


Wil said...

Who's "Chillonaire"?

Ugh, I can't stand Akon...or whoever the hell sings that. :-p

Give those Indian kids something else to sing. LOL

Jessica said...

I just heard the Xanadu song tonight and thought of all the fun we had being video kids.